Teenagers With Greasy Hair

Teenagers with greasy hair is a common occurrence. As you’ve probably been told many times, hormones are up and down. During puberty, a teenager’s hormones are rapidly changing which can increase excretion from the sebaceous glands, thus leaving greasy hair. However, not all teenagers are plagued by oily hair which may seem unfair at times. It’s also worth noting that genetics have a big part. If the teenager’s parents had greasy hair at a younger age, chances are, the child will too. Teenagers with fine hair are particularly prone to greasy hair.

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Not to worry, as there are many solutions to a greasy hair-do. In this article, we will cover the best shampoo reviews for teenagers with greasy hair. Before we do that, it’s worth trying some home remedies. Household items like lemon can be used to massage the hair, leaving it fresh as clean. Washing hair every day is also a very simple, effective way to tackle the greasiness.

Causes of Teenage Greasy Hair

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There are actually quite a few causes for greasy hair in teenagers that you may not be aware of.


When you go through puberty, there are a variety of changes going on in the body, both internally and externally. One of these is a bunch of new hormones that kick in, which leads to things like oily hair and skin in some teenagers. And there isn’t much you can do about it these issues until your hormones balance out again.


You get a lot from your parents. Your skin tone, eye color, bone structure, and yes, even your hair type comes from them. If one or both of your parents have oily hair, yours will likely be oily as well. But this may be a good thing since they can instruct you how to care for it properly.

Hair Type

Some hair types have more issues with oil than others. For instance, curly or thick hair usually tends towards dryness, especially at the ends, though they may have an oily scalp. This is because it is harder for the oil to work through the curls and thickness to the ends of the hair. Fine or thin hair has less obstacles to fight through, so the oil can slide right down the hair, making it feel greasy.


If you’re one of those active kids who spends a lot of your time playing sports, you may notice your hair is greasier the more you do. This is because during your practices and games, you are working up a sweat, which collects in your hair as much as it does on the rest of your body. Even if you normally don’t have oily hair, you may find it becomes so during your busy athletic season. To remedy this, you’ll likely want to wash your hair after sporting events to keep the greasiness to a minimum.


The diet of a teenager usually consists of more junk food then that of older people. This array of sugars and processed fats are absorbed by the body. They then have a negative impact on your hair and skin. Also, the more you touch your hair with greasy fingers, the oilier its going to get.

How to Fight Oily Hair

There are a few things you can do to fight oily hair. First, use a pH-balanced shampoo that is designed for oily hair. Organic or natural products clean the hair and balance the oil without the chemicals that could cause unwanted damage. No matter which shampoo you choose, though, rinse it well with warm water. Don’t use hot since this could actually increase your oil production. Only use conditioner on the ends, never the scalp. You can also try a hot oil treatment once a month to help moisturize the scalp and balance out the oil.

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    Shampoo For Teenagers With Greasy Hair

    [amazon link=”B00BBMSKE4″ title=”Loma Hair Care Daily Shampoo” /]

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    Though listed as a product for fine hair, the Loma Hair Care Daily Shampoo also works great for oily teenage hair. It is free of sulfates and gluten, replacing them with certified organic ingredients. This shampoo is designed to take care of all your hair care needs. It protects your hair, repairing it and restoring its natural beauty. It also balances out the moisture level, reducing the oil for healthy hair with a great shine instead of a greasy sheen. It also has a matching conditioner for added convenience.

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    [amazon link=”B01G8UTM22″ title=”H20+ Beauty Eucalyptus & Aloe Revitalizing Shampoo” /]

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    Not only do teenagers suffer from greasy hair. They also have countless classes, extra-curricular activities, and sporting events to deal with. The H20+ Beauty Eucalyptus & Aloe Revitalizing Shampoo cleans your hair and helps you focus at the same time, thanks to the wonderful ingredients it contains. The vitamin B and E work with aloe extract to wash away any oil and products buildup in your hair. The scent of eucalyptus helps lift your mood and sharpen your mind to help you get through your busy day.

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    [amazon link=”B071KGH858″ title=”Verb Sea Shampoo” /]

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    The Verb Sea Shampoo doesn’t just clean your hair, it also adds some body and volume, with a smooth, soft texture that you’ll have trouble keeping your hands off of. This formula includes some wonderful ingredients to achieve this gorgeous hair. The kelp and seaweed extracts wash away all of those excess oils while hydrating your hair naturally. Glycerin locks in that moisture while seawater protects your hair from damage.  Together, these create a gorgeous natural look that other products can’t compete with.

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    Conditioners For Teenagers With Greasy Hair

    [amazon link=”B0118GND5I” title=”L’Occitane Fresh Conditioner” /]

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    One of the issues with oily teenage hair is that it can be weighted down from the extra moisture. Washing it away can only rid you of this issue for so long. A conditioner can help, adding moisture so your glands don’t have to. L’Occitane Fresh Conditioner contains lightweight ingredients that help get rid of the tangles, smoothing out your hair so it is easy to style. It also adds some shine to replace the slick, greasy appearance, plus it has a great citrus scent.

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    [amazon link=”B000VXMMZC” title=”Malin + Goetz Cilantro Conditioner” /]

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    Malin + Goetz Cilantro Conditioner is a daily product that is gentle on your hair. It is designed for all hair types, so it works well on your oily teenage hair and scalp. It combines natural cilantro, fatty acids, and fatty alcohols to rehydrate your hair after you’ve washed those natural oils away, plus it balances your pH at the same time. This conditioner is gentle, with no residue to weigh down your hair. It also gets rid of those tangles for hair that’s easy to manage. It pairs nicely with the Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo as well.

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    Final Thoughts

    As you can see above, the Loma Hair Care shampoo is our most recommended. It’s the ultimate shampoo to tackle greasy hair. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section.