How to Take Care of Oily Teenage Skin {Fight It}

Becoming a teenager is hard enough, with the changes our bodies go through during those years. The addition of oily skin in the mix makes a teen’s life even more uncomfortable and embarrassing. Worst of all, many teenagers don’t even understand why it’s happening or how to deal with it. That’s why it’s important for them to learn how to take care of oily teenage skin. It will save those budding young adults a lot of stress and pain, and keep the issues from getting worse. A simple routine is all it takes, plus a few handy skin care tips on how to keep the oil production to a minimum.

How to Deal With Teenage Skin

When it comes to teen skin care, the first thing to figure out is why your skin is oily in the first place. There are a few causes, though it won’t always be the same for everyone. Once you know the reasons, you can then find the proper treatment for your breakouts. And a great skin care routine for you can then be developed, including the right skin care products.

What Causes Oily Teenage Skin

When a child hits puberty, their body goes through the necessary changes it needs to become an adult. These changes are controlled by hormones in your body, mainly one called androgen. Though this is a male sex hormone, it is actually found in girls as well. This is the cause of the increased oil production teenagers now experience.

pimplesAlso called sebum, this oil is produced in the sebaceous glands found all over your body. The sebum moisturizes and protects your skin, which is a necessity. Sometimes the body overproduces this sebum, though, which causes oily skin. This often leads to acne because the sebum becomes trapped in your pores by dead skin cells. Bacteria and dirt also clog these pores. Acne, in the shape of blackheads and whiteheads, then begins to develop.

But if oily skin was only the result of puberty, then every teen would be suffering from the exact same level of it. This is not the case. Some teens have more oil and acne than others, which is why it is also believed that genetics play a part in this as well. If your parents suffer from oily skin, it is likely that you will, too. A lowered immune system may also be a factor in your oily skin. If your body can’t fight off infections properly, it may result in an increase in oil and acne.

How to Care for Your Skin

When it comes to caring for oily teenage skin, the best thing to do is choose gentle products. The main one is the cleanser. A foaming or gel product is the best choice because these won’t cause any irritation. If acne is an issue for you, try to find one that lists benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid in the ingredients. Toners are also a great follow-up, to clear away the excess oil.

You should also blot the excess oil during the day, using facial tissues or blotting papers. This will clear out the oil quickly and easily. If you wear makeup, washing your face is especially important. In fact, this is the first thing to do before bed. Then you can better cleanse your skin since there will be no thick barrier for your cleanser to get through. Using the right cosmetics is also important. Heavy foundations can clog your pores, increasing your acne breakouts. Choose an oil-free or matte foundation instead. Or just use a light powder on your trouble areas.

Exfoliating is also a necessity, especially for those with acne. But you shouldn’t do this too often since the constant scrubbing can irritate your skin. That’s why you should only exfoliate your skin once every week or two. This will remove dead skin cells that could clog your pores, making your acne worse. Though dirt won’t directly cause acne, you should still keep your hands clean. Everything you touch will be transferred to your skin if your fingers come in contact with them. This includes oils from food or even other people. So, try to touch your face as little as possible.

sunscreen protectionIt may sound strange to apply sunscreen to your oily skin, but it is a necessity. The harmful UV rays from the sun can cause damage. Your skin will try to protect itself by upping its oil production, making the problem even worse. If you wear sunscreen, this will protect your skin and remove the need for more oil. If all else fails and your oil and pimples are getting worse, speak to a dermatologist. They can recommend treatments specific to your skin type. If prescription cleansers are needed, they can help you find the right one. Before you know it, you’ll have your healthy skin back.

What Not to Do if You Have Oily Teenage Skin

There are also a few things you should avoid for the health of your teen skin. They are all simple things to do, and you may not even notice their absence in your life. Except for the fact that you have clear skin, that is. One is to keep your hair off your face. Each strand is also covered in sebum and can transfer to your face at the slightest touch. Keep it pulled back from your face using hair accessories, or just brush it behind your ears.

Another thing to avoid is sharing makeup. Germs coat everything and can be transferred in even the quickest lipstick application. If you like what your friend is using, find out the brand and buy one for yourself. You should also avoid tanning beds. These beds can cause damage to your young skin. Premature wrinkles and the threat of skin cancer are more than enough reason to stay out of them. Instead, use a self-tanner to get the bronzed skin you crave. You’ll get a more natural look and keep your skin looking young and healthy for years to come.

Lastly, be careful with home remedies. Some people recommend using products like toothpaste on your face. But this could cause an allergic reaction you may not be aware of. So, stay away from untested methods for the safety and health of your skin.

What You Need for Your Teenage Daily Skin Care Routine

If you want to know how to take care of oily teenage skin, all you need to do is find a good skin care regimen to follow. This is quite easy to do, requiring only a few items to keep your face clear and healthy.

skincare routineThe CTM Routine:

  • A mild foaming or gel cleanser
  • A gentle toner
  • An oil-free moisturizer
  • Cotton balls

You can use whatever products you want, as long as they are light and won’t irritate your skin. Heavy products will clog your pores, and irritation will increase your oil production. Try out a few if you need to so you know you have the right products for your skin.

Steps For Oily Skin Care Routine

Now that you have gathered the items you need, you’re ready to start cleansing your skin. Be sure to follow this routine twice a day, once when you wake up and again before bed.

Step 1: Cleansing


Apply your cleanser to your face. Massage it into your skin gently, but don’t rub too hard, as this will cause irritation. Let the cleanser soak into your skin so it can get deep into your pores and remove any buildup. Then wash your face clean, making sure to remove all the dirt, oil, and remaining cleanser from every inch.

Step 2: Toning


Next apply the toner to your skin, to remove any lingering oils that the cleanser may have missed. Just dab it on with a cotton ball in the areas that need it most, but don’t overuse it. This could dry out your skin, causing an increase in oil production.

Step 3: Moisturizing


Though adding moisturizer to your face may seem strange, it is a necessary third step to your routine. Dryness leads to more oil, so a thin layer of moisturizer can help. This should be a lightweight, non-comedogenic product to reduce buildup while adding hydration. Apply a thin layer, spreading it evenly over the whole area. Wait for it to soak in and then continue on with your regular daily routine.

The Bottom Line for Oily Teenage Skin

The challenges of teen skin care can seem endless, especially if you’re in the middle of it. But if you properly cleanse and protect your skin, the oils causing all your problems can be kept in check. That’s why it is so important to learn how to take care of oily teenage skin. Once you get into a routine and learn what to avoid, you’ll have the glowing, healthy skin of your childhood back. And before long, homework, sports, and chores will be your only worries. Don’t forget to share this article with any teenagers you know battling oily skin. If you are looking for more beauty care articles check out our hair care buyer’s guides.