Redken Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo Review

Redken Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoos are all-around amazing products. They save time and energy, while completely transforming the appearance of hair. What could be better? The only thing that could make dry shampoos even better than they already are, would be to top them off with a wonderful scent. Thankfully, Redken has done exactly that.

The brand has designed and created a product that works as good as any dry shampoo should, while also delivering a heavenly scent. Redken has created a dry shampoo that gets rid of oil, makes hair appear and feel refreshed, while also masking any unwanted odors and replacing them with a wonderful scent. This dry shampoo is everything you could ever want all in one product. If this particular dry shampoo has caught your attention and you’d like to learn more about how well it works, please proceed to read our Redken Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo review.

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Redken Brand

Redken is a very well known brand in the beauty industry. It is often used as well as recommended by many beauty professionals. Redken was a company built from the inspiration of an American actress named Paula Kent. Paula frequently visited hair salons for chemical treatments. The actress had a very sensitive scalp and was getting extremely frustrated when she could not figure out why certain products were irritating her skin. She then came up with the conclusion to work with professional hairdressers and create gentle formula products that could help millions of people all around the world.

Paula and her hairdresser began by creating 3 products. Their formulas were based upon 3 specific things – protein technology, natural pH levels of the skin, and products recommended exclusively by cosmetologists in professional salons. Today, the Redken brand continues to grow. The brand continues to create gentle, effective products that are suitable for any hair type. Along with all of their other great products, Redken has created a gentle dry shampoo that works wonders on oily hair, and smells fantastic. The dry shampoo was everything I had hoped it would be, and more.

Redken Quality

Redken Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo ReviewRedken never fails to create a high-quality product. With this particular dry shampoo, they have gone above and beyond to satisfy their client’s desires. This product eliminated my oily hair, and transformed it into soft, bouncy hair that was full of life. The dry shampoo works the instant it is applied to your hair. The product is made up of a gentle formula.

The formula contains aluminum starch octenylsuccinate which is an ingredient designed specifically to absorb oils. The gentle formula is suitable for any hair type or color. It makes it possible for people with even the finest hair to skip a day or two between shampooing. The product absorbs oil, adds volume, and leaves hair with a fresh scent.

Redken Dry Shampoo Benefits

Many people believe that dry shampoos are used solely to save time and that they deliver no benefits to our hair – this is entirely untrue. In fact, many beauty experts are now recommending dry shampoos to their clients. It is actually unhealthy to traditionally wash your hair too frequently, so dry shampoos replace the days in between. This particular dry shampoo comes with many benefits. Firstly, it removes the oils that you want gone, allowing you boost your confidence and feel much better about yourself.

Along with that, it extends the life of your blow-dry. Dry shampoos are the perfect products to use a couple of times a week, to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Redken Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo Scent

Redken Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo Review 2Along with everything else this product has to offer, it leaves hair smelling fresher than ever. This dry shampoo can easily be considered a breath mint for hair. The dry shampoo masks any unwanted odors and replaces them with a light, minty scent. The light scent leaves your hair smelling clean all day long. The minty smell is not overpowering and will not leave you with a massive headache at the end of the day, no matter how much product you apply.

Although everything about this product is outstanding, my absolute favourite aspect was the smell of it. This dry shampoo will make you forget you skipped your shampooing in the morning. It will completely transform the smell of your hair from smelling dirty, to smelling clean and fresh.

How Redken Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo Works

Powder Refresh 01 is an aerosol spray-on dry shampoo. The product begins working the moment you apply it to your hair. Similarly to other dry shampoos, applying the product is very quick and simple. To apply, all you have to do is hold the spray can about 10-12 inches away from your roots. Then, separate your hair into sections and spritz lightly. The amount of product you apply depends on your personal preference, and how greasy your hair appears that day.

It is extremely important to apply more product to the areas that appear most oily. This dry shampoo is as easy as that to use. Once it is applied, the formula instantly begins working to remove those unwanted oils, and to add texture and volume to your dull hair. All it takes is a few seconds in the morning, and your hair will be dramatically transformed.


To conclude, this dry shampoo was an outstanding product. Overall, I really enjoyed the way it transformed my hair. The gentle formula worked instantly – there was no waiting at all. Once the product was applied, my dirty hair instantly looked clean and as though I had just washed it. Redken did not fail to create yet again another high-quality product. It made my greasy hair look soft, bouncy and full of life. Not to forget, the dry shampoo gifted my hair a heavenly minty scent that I couldn’t ever get enough of.

To top it off, the scent lasted a long time, even after a long day or a heavy workout. Redken’s dry shampoo is filled with all of the aspects you could ever look for in a dry shampoo. The gentle formula is highly suitable for any hair type. Along with that, the neutral colored formula can be applied to any hair color without leaving a residue. This shampoo is definitely worth the investment.

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