Ojon Full Detox Rub Dry Cleansing Spray Review

Ojon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray Review

For many of us, at some point in our lives we wish we had a reset button, especially for our hair. Too many of us are dealing with dry, damaged hair that has been caused due to a variety of reasons. With that being said, there is a dry shampoo on the market that not only gets rid of oily hair, it also provides your hair with a full detox cleanse that gives it back the beauty it used to have. If you are experiencing damaged hair and would like to try a dry shampoo that can deeply repair it, please proceed to read this Ojon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray review.

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Ojon Brand

Rub Dry Cleansing SprayOjon is a brand that has been around since the year 2000, thanks to its founder Denis Simioni. Simioni began Ojon after finding a little baby jar that contained a ‘’foreign ingredient’’ in the bathroom of one of his relative’s home in Central America. He then became intrigued by what was in the jar and came to found out it was ‘’some sort of magical paste that literally transforms dry, damaged hair into healthy hair,’’ he states. The miraculous paste turned out to be oils from Ojon nuts. Later, Simioni continued his interest in hair maintenance field and began creating wonderful products containing this life-changing ingredient. Ojon has come out with an amazing range of high-quality products over the years, including this particular dry shampoo. It gives damaged hair the detox it is desperately screaming for. This dry shampoo has been designed to turn damaged hair into healthy hair, and it does exactly what it has promised to.

About Ojon Detox Rub

No water? No problem. Ojon’s detox rub is a spray dry shampoo that cleans, refreshes, and revives oily and damaged hair in minutes, all without the use of water. The product makes hair look, feel and smell freshly washed. It is the perfect solution when you are in a hurry, at the gym or having a late evening out. The dry shampoo allows you to skip a shampoo every now and then and still have beautiful hair. It is fortified with nature’s hair-repairing golden elixir, along with purifying soap bark tree extract. The formula is completely natural and healthy for both the hair and scalp. This dry shampoo spray has an invisible powder that is suitable for all hair colors. No matter how much product I applied to my dark brown hair, there was never a residue left behind. This product has been designed to get rid of oily hair, while also providing damaged hair with a full detox. It will completely transform damaged hair into vibrant and healthy hair.

Ojon Quality

Ojon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing SprayThe quality of this dry shampoo is outstanding. I was shocked at the pleasantly drastic transformation it provided my hair. This dry shampoo is easily applied, and the detox comes into effect within just a few minutes. The product has been designed to give damaged hair the full detox it desperately needs. Hair can get damaged due to a number of reasons including styling with heat and chemically-coloring it, followed by many others. No matter what the reason, Ojon’s dry shampoo guarantees to repair it.  This product gets to work immediately after being applied. It’s gentle formula works hard to repair damaged hair while also removing any excess oils. The dry shampoo left my hair feeling stronger, fuller and definitely healthier. I was blown away by the quality of this product and I cannot live without it.

How Ojon Dry Shampoo Works

This dry cleansing spray is exactly what it sounds like – a dry spray that cleans your hair without the use of water. The way it works is extremely simple. The natural formula works its way into dry, unwashed hair to clean, refresh and revive it. It instantly removes unwanted oils and odors. The product is formulated with all-natural ingredients and oils.It is free from Parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes and Pthyalates, which are harmful ingredients sometimes found in certain beauty products. This product left my hair feeling noticeably softer and healthier after just one use.

How To Apply Ojon Dry Shampoo

One of the most convenient aspects of this dry shampoo is that it is extremely quick and easy to apply. The ultimate purpose of a dry shampoo is to save time and energy and this product does exactly that. With that being said, to achieve the best results possible, there are a few simple steps to follow.

Firstly, you should be working with dry and unwashed hair. To prevent clogging, shake the bottle vigorously for about 30 seconds before spraying. Next, tilt the nozzle at the root area and spray. Apply the product evenly throughout the scalp. Lastly, massage with your fingertips and brush your hair to ensure proper distribution.

Once you have completed those few simple steps – you are done. It is that quick and easy to use. Your hair will instantly be oil-free and repaired. This product can be applied anywhere, at any time of the day. For further convenience, the product is also available in a travel-size bottle to ensure portability.


To sum things up, Ojon has completely blown me away with this particular product. The waterless shampoo is perfect for anyone who wants to deeply repair their damaged hair. It immediately cleans, revives, refreshes and recharges the hair and scalp without water. The dry shampoo spray instantly erases impurities, toxins, excess sebum and product build-up. It provides hair with a deep treatment that left my hair feeling better than ever. Everytime I use this product, my hair feels like I just got out of the salon. I fell head over heels for it from the very first use.

This full detox dry shampoo provided my hair with the care that it needed. On the days between washes, I can use this dry shampoo and still have soft, vibrant and beautiful hair. The natural formula has transformed my hair from being damaged, to being as healthy as can be. If you have damaged and oily hair that desperately needs to be saved, give Ojon’s full detox spray a try – you will not be disappointed.

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