Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Review

Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Review

Lulu Organics Dry shampoo is an amazing product. I found the quality of this dry shampoo outstanding. The formula is made up completely of organic ingredients and it works wonders on oily hair. The product’s price is extremely reasonable and affordable, especially considering it’s high quality. The dry shampoo comes in a powdered form that is so thin and blendable it won’t even appear on the darkest shades of brown. Some powdered dry shampoos tend to leave a chalky residue on the hair, but this won’t ever happen with this product. This product leaves hair looking and feeling so clean and refreshed, it is never a disappointment. If you’re looking for the perfect dry shampoo, then continue reading our Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo review.

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If you are looking for a best budget dry shampoo, this one will not be a disappointment. Along with all of it’s wonderful perks, purchasing this dry shampoo won’t completely empty your bank account. This product is available in many stores as well as online, for a great price for such an outstanding quality. To add to that, it lasts a very long time. When it comes to this dry shampoo, a little bit goes a long way.

It works so well that you only need to use a very little amount at each use. Many people have stated that this dry shampoo has lasted them several months, when using it every second or third day. When considering price and quality, this product is definitely a steal.

Healthy Hair with Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo

Lulu-Organics-Dry-Shampoo-ReviewAs mentioned above, Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo’s formula is made up solely of organic ingredients. Anything organic is always best, and in this case it is extremely healthy for our scalp. Some dry shampoos contain a high amount of alcohol or starch, but this dry shampoo’s main ingredients are cornstarch and rice powder. The formula is handmade, talc free, gluten free and vegan.

What could be better? This dry shampoo will allow you to save time, stay clean and stay healthy. The totally organic ingredients are listed below:

  • Organic cornstarch
  • White clay
  • Baking soda
  • Organic rice powder
  • Organic horsetail powder
  • Essential oils

Lulu Organic Dry Shampoo Scent

One of the best-selling aspects of this dry shampoo is that it smells fantastic. When they advertise a great smell, they are not lying. I could not stop smelling my hair. It can be bought in a variety of scents, for those of us who like to change it up every now and then. With that being said, every scent this product comes in smells great and is never overpowering. Along with getting rid of unwanted oily hair, the product leaves the hair looking and smelling fresher than ever. It masks any unwanted odors and replaces them with a wonderful scent you will never get sick of. The product is available in the following 4 scents:

  • Lavender + Clary Sage
  • Jasmine
  • Patchouli + Amber
  • Vetiver + Black Pepper

Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Features

When people hear about Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo, they tend to think it’s only advantage is that it is organic, when this is highly untrue. This dry shampoo contains many features and wonderful advantages. Along with making oily hair disappear, cleansing hair and smelling terrific; the product has been proven to texturize and volumize dull, flat hair. Many users have found this product made their hair feel soft and moisturized, even in the winter months. Others found the product gave their fine, straight hair texture they had never imagined possible. Along with that, many found that this particular dry shampoo gave their hair loads of body even on the third day of use. This product features every aspect that could be wanted in a dry shampoo.

Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Packaging

Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo comes in a stylish, small container, which makes it’s use extremely versatile. The packaging has a beautiful art design on it, which looks great on any countertop. The size of this product isn’t too large, which makes it great for travel. This dry shampoo can fit perfectly in any purse, travel bag or glove compartment. It’s capacity for travel allows you to apply it wherever you are, and bring it anywhere you have to go.

How Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo Works

Lulu-Organics-Dry-Shampoo-Review-2When it comes to a dry shampoo, it is obvious that it’s purpose is to save as much time as possible, while still achieving the same results as a regular wash. Thankfully, Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo does just that. It is so easy to use it takes less than 5 minutes per day. The formula comes in a silky powdered form. All you have to do is sprinkle a dime size amount on your hand and rub it into your hair.

Doing this on the days you are lacking the appropriate time to take a shower will remove any excess or unwanted oils, while making your hair feel and appear cleaner than ever. It is easy to use, time-effective and works wonders.


Overall, I truly loved Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo. It got rid of any unwanted oils in my hair, while deeply cleansing it at the same time. The product can be used on several days of unwash and no one will ever realize the difference. It is a dry shampoo of excellent quality. The powdered formula works wonders on any hair type. It gets rid of oily hair, while providing texture and volume.

It does not leave a white residue on even the darkest shades, and blends into hair so easily. The product comes in the most wonderful scents you could ever imagine. It is honestly like a perfume to my hair. Every scent the product comes in has been amazing, and they are never too strong. It’s wonderful scent allows for many compliments and a high confidence that you would not have if you weren’t wearing it. It masks any unwanted odors and replaces them with the most heavenly scents.

Along with that, the dry shampoo has an unbeatable price and is easily found and bought. The cute and tiny packaging makes it very portable and allows for extremely versatile use. Best of all, this dry shampoo is healthy and completely organic. It has not been tested on animals and it will not damage your hair with any harmful products. Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo is a simply amazing product that you will not regret purchasing.

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