How to use dry shampoo

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos have been around for a long time, but have recently become more popular due to the fact that many beauty experts recommend them. Many professionals recommend washing your hair less frequently in order to keep it healthy. Dry shampoos can be used in between traditional washings. They are recommended to be used every 2 – 3 days if you want to clean and get rid of any unwanted oily hair, without having to take a shower.

Dry shampoos are also highly ideal for those of us who live busy lives and find ourselves lacking the appropriate time to properly wash our hair everyday. If you have recognized yourself in either of these situations and wish to learn more about how to use dry shampoo, please continue reading.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

If you want to use a dry shampoo, you should first understand what exactly it is. Dry shampoos have been designed to clean, refresh and revive hair between the days of traditional shampooing. They are meant to absorb any unwanted or excess oils. Dry shampoos are exactly what they sound like they are; a dry substance that cleans your hair without the use of water. Generally, dry shampoos come in 3 forms – a powder, a spray, or a liquid that is extracted through a pump dispenser.

Normally the ingredients found in a dry shampoo are a combination of aerosol propellants, absorbing and conditioning agents, solvents and fragrance. It is extremely important to remember that when using a dry shampoo, it is not meant to replace your regular washing with water. They are not meant to be used daily.

What Dry Shampoo to Use?

With the growing popularity of dry shampoos, there are so many options on the market. The high amount of choices makes it extremely difficult to decide which dry shampoo to buy. Just like any other product, dry shampoos are all created differently which means they also deliver different results. When looking for a dry shampoo, it is important to find one that fits into your particular lifestyle. There are all kinds of dry shampoos out there thatHow to Use Dry Shampoo have been designed for different situations.

There are dry shampoos that are meant for oily curly hair, oily fine hair, oily colored hair, people on a budget, as well as some that are all organic for those of us who want to keep our scalps as healthy as possible. When looking for the perfect dry shampoo, make a list of the things that you want it to do for you. Once you have completed that task, look for a dry shampoo that can deliver those things for you. Always make sure to read labels to discover what ingredients are found in that particular dry shampoo. Along with that, read the packaging to discover what it is designed to do.

It is useful to figure out which dry shampoo would be most convenient for you – a powder, a spray or a liquid. It is important to buy a dry shampoo that will not disappoint you. If you are going to invest in a dry shampoo, you might as well take the time to invest in the right one.

How to Properly Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos really aren’t complex to use. In fact, they are quick and quite easy to apply. With that being said, there still is a specific way to apply them in order to get the best results. As previously mentioned, there are 3 types of dry shampoos – actual powders, aerosol sprays, and liquid dry shampoos that are extracted from a pump dispenser. Each dry shampoo has their own directions on how to apply them, but they are all fairly similar.

When deciding what kind of dry shampoo you want to use, it all comes down to preference. No matter what type of dry shampoo you decide to apply, they all deliver the same end results. By continuing to read below, you will find out how to apply each different type of dry shampoo properly.

Wash Your Hands: When applying any type of dry shampoo, it is important to always remember to wash your hands first. The reason you should always wash your hands beforehand is to avoid transferring any more dirt or oil into your hair. After all, the goal is to get rid of the oily look, not worsen it.

Powdered Dry Shampoo

When it comes to powdered dry shampoos, you can apply them directly to your roots using an applicator bottle and then distributing it with a comb. With that being said, many people prefer to simply use their hands to allow for a more even application.

You will want to start by vigorously shaking the bottle to remove any clumps. Next, you will want to extract about a tablespoon of dry shampoo powder into the palm of your hand. Please remember that the amount of product used will vary depending on the length of your hair.

Once you have extracted the powder, you should rub your hands together to evenly spread out the product. You will then apply the product to your hair from root to tip. Make sure to touch up the spots that look most greasy.

Last, it is important to work the product into your hair until the powder is completely dissolved. To do this,you should gently massage the product into your scalp. Doing this step will ensure that no residue will be left on your hair. Properly completing this process should never take more than 5 minutes.

Aerosol Spray Dry Shampoo

How to Use Dry Shampoo 2Spray Dry Shampoos are the most popular amongst all dry shampoos. They are easy and fast to apply. To properly apply a spray dry shampoo, you should always hold the spray bottle about 10-12 inches away from your scalp. Holding the spray bottle far enough away will allow for proper distribution, whereas spraying it too closely will create buildup in one spot. 

Once you have completed that task, you should separate your hair into sections and spritz lightly. Separating your hair into sections allows for the product to be applied all over the scalp, instead of in just one section.

Next, it is important to properly blend the product into your hair. The spray dry shampoo may leave a white residue in your hair once applied, but don’t let that fool you. The white residue is easily removed by simply massaging it into your scalp. To add to that, this mini-massage also helps add texture and volume to your hair. Lastly, you should finish it off by using a slim hair brush to further work the formula into your hair. Plus, this step also helps reduce static without flattening your hair strands. Applying a spray dry shampoo should never take more than a few minutes out of your day.

Liquid Pump Dry Shampoo

Using a liquid dry shampoo that is extracted from a pump dispenser is actually very similar to applying a powdered dry shampoo. All you have to do is extract about a tablespoon of product into your hand and then rub them together. Again, the amount of product applied will vary depending on the length of your hair.

Next, you will want to apply the liquid to your hair. You should begin at the roots and work your way down to the bottom of your hair. You should always focus on the areas that appear most greasy, which are usually at the top. To get the ultimate best results, allow the product to sit in your hair for a few seconds and work it’s magic. Then, gently massage the formula into your scalp. Make sure to massage it in until the white liquid has completely vanished. Applying a liquid dry shampoo is an extremely quick way to liven up your dull hair in the morning.


To conclude, dry shampoos are lifesavers when you are lacking the time to wash your hair in the morning. They are the perfect invention to keep up with our busy lives. Dry shampoos are effective, quick and convenient ways to look and feel your best at all times. They are water-free products that cleanse, remove oils, revive and replenish hair. They can easily be applied in the morning, at work, or even after a heavy workout.

Using a dry shampoo between traditional washes will save you time, while also allowing your hair to catch a break. Although dry shampoos are not complicated to use, it is important to still follow the appropriate directions when applying them. Just like any other product, dry shampoos have a specific way to be applied. In order to achieve the best results possible, you should always apply them properly. After all, it only takes a few minutes out of your day. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it gave you a better insight on what exactly dry shampoo is, how it works and how you should apply it. Following the few simple guidelines mentioned in our article on how to use dry shampoo can make the world of a difference for your oily hair. 

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