Accessorize! How to Tie a Scarf 27 Ways {Knots Galore…}

You may be used to seeing scarves in winter, but fashion scarves have become popular for all seasons. But how do you tie them to look as good as those you see in beauty magazines and on the streets? It’s easier than you think. With countless styles to choose from, you can practically wear your scarf from head to toe. To make things simpler, we’ve chosen 27 different ways to wear a scarf with easy to follow directions on how to tie them. Each one only takes a minute of your time to learn for a fabulous new look.

Neck Wrap

#1 – French Knot: 

French Knot
via HelloGlow

To do the French Knot: First, fold a long scarf lengthwise. Drape it over your neck with the loop on one side and loose ends on the other. Pull one of the ends over one side of the loop and under the other. The second goes under the first side of the loop and then back over. Even out the ends and you’re done.

#2 – Knot Row: 

Knot Row

To do the Knot Row: Drape the scarf over your neck, with the ends even at your front. Starting at chest level, tie them together in a knot. Then tie another one below that, continuing until you are at the end of the scarf, using as many knots as you like.

#3 – Long Knotted Scarf Necklace: 

Long Knotted Scarf Necklace
via Lauren McBride Blog

To do the Long Knotted Scarf Necklace: Hang your scarf around your neck. Loop one side around your hand, then pull the end through the loop, making a loose knot. Push the other end through the knot, then loop it behind and back through it. Adjust the ends to even them out.

#4 – Short Knotted Scarf Necklace:

Short Knotted Scarf Necklace
via Maita’s Picture Book

To do the Short Knotted Scarf Necklace: You need a short scarf for this one, folded thin. Tie a knot in the middle, then one more at each end. Then wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it off at the back with a double knot.

#5 – Layered Knot:

Layered Knot

To do the Layered Knot: This warm winter style starts with your scarf hung at the front with the ends at the back. Cross the ends over and pull them back to the front. Cross them over again and tie them in a knot. Cover the long end with the short one.

#6 – Twisted Knot:

Twisted Knot
via Knot Just a Scarf

To do the Twisted Knot: Hold the ends of your scarf, twisting one end until you have a thin rope. Wrap it around your neck and tie them off near the tips. Then turn the hanging ends until you have a double twist over your chest.

#7 – Half Bow:

Half Bow

To do the Half Bow: Hang a long scarf around your neck, leaving the ends uneven. Cross them with the long one on top. Pull a bit of this end through the neck loop to create a small half bow. Spread out the bow loop, adjusting it where you want it on your neck.

#8 – Half Bow II:

Half Bow II

To do the Half Bow II: Drape this scarf so the ends are at the back. Cross the ends and pull them to the front, with one end longer than the other. Loop the short end over the long one. Pull a bit of it through the knot. Tighten the half bow and position it where you want it.

#9 – Chic Bunny:

Chic Bunny

To do the Chic Bunny: Fold your square scarf into a triangle. Then roll it up and hang it over your neck. Wrap it around once and push one end through the loop so both ends hang underneath. Tie the ends together and tuck the knot beneath the neck loop.

#10 – Double Loop:

Double Loop
via The Pleated Poppy

To do the Double Loop: Start with a long scarf hung around your neck, with one end longer than the other. Wrap the longer end around your neck, ensuring the ends are still uneven. Tie the ends in a knot on the side. This looks especially nice with a fringed scarf.

#11 – Lock and Key:

Lock and Key
via Making my Happiness

To do the Lock and Key: Drape a long scarf over your neck with the ends at the back. Cross the ends and pull them back to the front, making sure they hang evenly. Twist the front loop twice, then pull the two ends over and through it.

#12 – The Rapunzel:

The Rapunzel
via Rudey’s Room

To do the Rapunzel: Tie the ends of a skinny scarf together about 6 inches from the ends. Turn the scarf so the ends are hanging beside the loop. Braid one side of the loop and the two ends together. Then tie off the ends. Wear the scarf with the braid on the side.

#13 – The Atlantis:

The Atlantis

To do the Atlantis: Once again, drape the scarf with uneven ends. Loop the long end around your neck. Fan out that end, holding onto the top corner. Then tuck it into the loop at the back of your neck. The short side should be covered by the fanned area.

#14 – Dramatic Double Side Wrap:

Dramatic Double Side Wrap
via Lady Violette

To do the Dramatic Double Side Wrap: Start by looping an oblong scarf around your neck with even ends at the front. Wind the right end of the scarf around the right side of the loop from top to bottom. Then repeat this process on the left side.

#15 – The Neckerchief:

The Neckerchief
via The Chriselle Factor

To do the Neckerchief: Take a long, thin scarf and fold it in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your neck twice, finishing with the loose ends even with the folded loop. Pull the ends through the loop and tie them in a knot. They will hold the loop in place.

#16 – The Half Jal:

The Half Jal
via Vogue

To do the Half Jal: Fold a square scarf in half to make a triangle. Wrap it around your neck, with the straight edge over your chin and the ends at the back. Then bring the ends around and tie them over the fabric beneath your chin.

Body Scarves

#17 – Knotted Shawl:

Knotted Shawl
via Instructables

To do the Knotted Shawl: Open the scarf and hang it over your shoulders so it covers your back. Take the top 2 corners and pull them under your arms so they meet in the middle of your back. Tie them off to make a cozy shawl.

#18 – Scarf Vest:

Scarf Vest
via Pinvestigation

To do the Scarf Vest: Fold a long scarf in half, keeping a folded corner and an open corner in each hand. Tie these 2 corners together. Then open up the scarf to reveal 2 small arm holes. When you put it on, the tied corners should be at the back of your neck.

#19 – Cape Wrap:

Cape Wrap

To do the Cape Wrap: Start by folding a square scarf into a triangle. Hang it so the straight end is over your neck and shoulders. Take the two ends and tie them a few inches from the tips using a square knot.

#20 – Beach Wrap:

Beach Wrap
via Extra Petite

To do the Beach Wrap: You need a long, lightweight scarf for this style. Hold it lengthwise with a corner in each hand. Wrap then around your waist, crossing them in the front over your chest. Then tie these ends at the back behind your neck.

#21 – Scarf Top:

Scarf Top
via Belleza

To do the Scarf Top: Take a square scarf by the top 2 corners. Tie them together at the back of your neck. It should drape a bit at the front. Then take the bottom 2 corners and tie them behind your back at your waist to make an airy summer top.


#22 – Scarf Belt:

Scarf Belt

To do the Scarf Belt: You can use any type of scarf for this cute belt, as long as it can fit around your waist. Fold it like an accordion until it is your preferred width. Then wrap it around your waist, tying it at the back in a knot or a pretty bow.

#23 – Belted Scarf:

Belted Scarf
via Who What Wear

To do the Belted Scarf: Thick knit or smooth silk scarves can work for this style, with no scarf knots necessary. Simply drape it around your neck so the ends hang evenly at the front. Then put your favorite belt over the ends to hold them down.

Head Scarves

#24 – Flower Turban:

Flower Turban
via Lorena Morais

To do the Flower Turban: Wrap a long scarf around your head, tying it at the front at the hairline. Twist one end, then wrap it around itself in a spiral to create a flower. Tuck the tip of the scarf underneath to hold it in place. Then repeat this process with the second end.

#25 – Top Knot:

Top Knot
via Useful DIY

To do the Top Knot: Fold a square scarf in half to make a triangle, then fold the top point in twice to make a wide band. Wrap this band around your head and knot it at the front above your forehead. Tuck the ends underneath and out of the way.

#26 – Side Pony:

Side Pony
via Kitsch by Kat

To do the Side Pony: Lay out a square scarf. Fold the opposite corners in until they meet. Then fold these sides in again a few more times until you have a thin band. Wrap the scarf around your head, meeting the two ends at the side. Scoop up the hair and use an elastic to tie it all together into a side ponytail.

#27 – Bohemian Head Wrap:

Bohemian Head Wrap
via The Wonder Forest

To do the Bohemian Head Wrap: Take a scarf, open it up, and drape it over your head. Then tie it at the back, leaving long, flowing ends hanging down. Turn the scarf so the knot is on the side. You can tie up your hair or leave it loose with this gorgeous look.

How to Tie a Scarf 27 Ways Final Thoughts

Scarves have become more than accessories. They are now a part of our clothing, worn on the body and hair as much as around the neck. Having so many choices for scarf tying ideas makes them a fun part of our attire that we never had before. Best of all, they are easy to wear and can fit into almost any occasion. Spring, summer, fall, or winter, there is a simple scarf idea to use. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our blog and our hair care buyer’s guides.