How To Fix Greasy Hair

Oily hair can be an absolute nightmare. Only those who have it understand the problems one faces. Sometimes you even wish you had dry hair! It can be much worse having to wash your hair every day or even multiple times in extreme cases? Fortunately for you, we have compiled this short but effective guide on how to fix greasy hair. We will cover the best shampoo’s on the market that will tackle your greasy mop.

Specialist Shampoo At Your Disposal

Picking the right shampoo can be quite difficult. We’ve all the seen the hundreds of commercials on TV, that battle it out with fancy adverts and shampoo’s – but which one’s actually work? BloomGorgeous is dedicated to providing oily hair suffers with an easy fix and presenting them with honest reviews.

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A shampoo that is packed full of natural ingredients, that boasts stripping hair of excess oils and preserving scalp health. It contains thyme, peppermint, nettle and lipoaminoacid. Lipoaminoacid is an extract that effectively removes oil build up in a person’s hair.

The first thing you’ll notice is the incredible lather it creates with such a little amount. Next, you’ll discover it’s delicious, fresh smell. You’ll really smell the peppermint’s freshness without it over-bearing. Lastly, you’ll experience the effects of this glorious shampoo that so few shampoo’s can pull off. The ability to have oily-free hair.

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[amazon link=”B001VD3L8I” title=”L’Oreal Pure Resource Purifying Shampoo” /]

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This beautiful shampoo has our highest review. It’s no surprise it’s the most successful shampoo on the market, in terms of battling greasy hair. It’s quite expensive but it comes in a huge bottle that’ll last the average person months. If you’re looking for the ultimate shampoo, then this is for you.

It’s often recommended by salons and we can definitely see why. The results were ridiculous. Some of our readers found that they didn’t need to wash their hair for up to 4 days after. Which is incredible when you think how many times you’ve covered your hair in dry shampoo. In our testing, we found this shampoo to be the most impressive and leaving hair looking beautiful again.

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[amazon link=”B000Q2YCOW” title=”Tisserand Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Shampoo” /]

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This shampoo is one of the best smelling shampoo’s I’ve ever tried. It has a beautiful combination of tea tree and burdock. It’s well known, that Tea Tree Oil is an excellent fighter of greasy hair and it smells wonderful too! It comes in at a low price and a decent sized bottle that will last most people a long time.

This shampoo has received rave reviews for combating oily hair and dandruff.  To our delight, it was very effective at dealing with those problems. We found that users could go up to 3 days without washing their which is pretty amazing at such a low price.

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    Final Thoughts

    Out of the three shampoo’s above, we most recommend the L’Oreal Pure Resource Purifying Shampoo as it’s undoubtedly the best on the market. It’s the perfect combination of pleasant scents, longevity and effectiveness. We believe it’s one of a kind. We feel that one of these shampoos would be a great first step in your search on how to fix greasy hair. If we helped you at all please take the time to purchase one of these products through one of our links. This site is funded by a small commission that we get from Amazon for each purchase made through our site, this is done at no extra cost to you.