How Many? How Often Can You Dye Your Hair? {Let Me Tell You…}

Dying your hair can be a simple way to change your look, hide your greys, or even just add a few highlights to accent your natural color. Using color treatments too often can leave your hair dry and damaged. The following tips are your guide for beautiful, colored hair.

Why Should You Wait Between Hair Colorings?

Regardless of whether you visit a salon or color it yourself with a home coloring kit, dyeing your hair can be damaging. This is due to the harsh chemicals that can dry out your hair, which is why both salons and home kits add a conditioning treatment after the coloring is complete. The strength of your hair is also a factor to consider. Those at suggest that those with stronger hair could color more often, though their hair will still suffer some damage. Weaker hair should be allowed to recover from any damage before taking on another coloring.

How Long Should You Wait Between Coloring?

Salon Hair ColorTo keep your hair healthy and strong, it is best to color your hair every four to six weeks. This is a bit vague because it all depends on your original color, the color you are dying it, and whether you are adding highlights or lowlights. David John of Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in New York says that those going from dark hair to a lighter shade may need to color more often, to hide the drastically different root shade. This is also true for those with grey hair who could safely color every three weeks.

Kari Hill from the Los Angeles salon advises those adding highlights can wait up to ten weeks for a touch-up while coloring the base every four weeks. So, for those looking to color again, it is best to consider what kind of color you are adding before making your appointment.

What if Your New Color is Not What You Wanted?

If you are after a drastic change in your hair color, it may require a few appointments to keep the hair as healthy as possible. Your stylist should inform you of this before you begin, but be sure to ask them especially if the end result of your coloring session is not what you expected. If this is the only appointment and the color you end up with is not what you expected, your stylist may not have understood what you asked. It is an honest mistake, but most stylist will fix the problem if it is brought to their attention right away. According to professional cosmetologist Lauryn Salzwedel, most stylists want to know their customers are satisfied. She says miscommunications, when coloring hair can happen at times and most stylists, will fix the error for free within 24 hours without further damaging the hair.

What is the Difference in Coloring With a Permanent or a Temporary Dye?

Hair ColorClairol Professional Lindsey Perez explains the difference in timing when using different types of hair dye in this video. Permanent color will not wash away, but it will need to be refreshed as well as coloring the roots every four weeks or so to keep the color fresh. Temporary dyes have different timelines depending on which type you use. A demi-permanent dye will wash away in 24 washes, so it will only need to be re-colored every four to six weeks to keep it fresh. Semi-permanent dye will be rinsed out of your hair after a maximum of 12 washes, so it is safe to use every two weeks without damaging your hair. Because temporary dyes contain no ammonia, they are both less damaging than permanent dyes to achieve the color you want.

What if Only Your Roots Need Coloring?

If your roots have begun to show, it is not always necessary to re-dye your entire head of hair just to cover them up. Unless the most recent dye has begun to fade or you would like it to be freshened up, perhaps just dyeing the roots is a better option. First of all, just coloring the roots will not add further damage and dryness to the recently dyed hair. Second, because the new hair will not have suffered from the last coloring, you can dye the roots sooner than the four-week mark especially if the natural root shade is quite noticeable.

Tips for Lasting Hair Color

Pink Hair DyeTo keep your hair color fresh and long lasting, there are a few simple strategies you can use to keep it looking great, according to The first is to refrain from washing your hair at least 24 hours before you color to retain the oils you need for proper color deposit. Washing your hair every other day or so after coloring will help your shade last longer, with less fading. It is also a good idea to use conditioning treatments to combat any dryness that has occurred from the chemicals in the coloring. They also suggest that if you want to change to a brand new shade, the color will have a better chance of depositing properly if the old color is completely gone. This means a long wait for your hair to grow out completely, so think carefully before choosing this option.

Color-Treated Hair Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to color your hair for the first time or you’ve colored it for a long time, it is best to know how to make sure you don’t cause further damage to your hair. While this article provides you with some solid information, it is always best to ask a professional the best course of action for your hair care needs. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our blog and our hair care buyer’s guides.