Check Your Cabinets! 15 Homemade Hair Treatments {Healthy at Home…}

Your hair will always need some love and care to keep it looking gorgeous and full of life. But going to the salon or buying hair treatments to combat various issues can be expensive. So, what’s the solution? Try out a homemade hair treatment. These use a mixture of foods, oils, and other products you probably already own. These recipes are also safer for your hair and cost a fraction of store-bought treatments. Check out our list below!

Homemade Hair Treatments

#1 – ACV Hair Mask:

ACV Hair Mask

Dry hair can be frustrating, especially in the winter when moisture in the air is non-existent. To give your hair back its softness and shine, try out this apple cider vinegar hair mask. The ACV is combined with argan oil and rosemary essential oils. Together they balance out your hair’s pH levels and add some much-needed moisture. This mask also strengthens your hair, protecting it from heat or environmental damage. For those with thinning hair, this mixture also promotes healthy hair growth.

#2 – Avocado Hair Treatment:

Avocado Hair Treatment
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Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. This helps to restore your hair’s natural luster and shine. Eggs also contain fatty acids and vitamins but are also full of protein. This can strengthen your hair, preventing breakage and split ends. Eggs also help to promote hair growth by restoring the natural oils in your hair and scalp. For this treatment, all you need to do is mash a ripe avocado, mix it with an egg, and coat your hair. Then rinse with warm water repeatedly for great looking hair.

#3 – The Kool-Aid Treatment:

The Kool-Aid Treatment
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Without proper treatment, blonde hair can turn brassy and dull over time. This is true for natural or bottle blondes. Purple tinted products can help keep this awful coloring at bay, but if you happen to run out, don’t fret. If you have a few little kiddies running around, there is a chance you have a package of purple Kool-Aid nearby. Just add a bit of it to a small amount of shampoo and lather it up. Then rinse it out for brighter hair.

#4 – Coconut Milk Deep Conditioning Treatment: 

Coconut Hair Mask

For hair that shines even in low light, you need to apply a deep conditioning hair treatment. This one uses only three ingredients. The first is coconut milk, which nourishes your hair from the root to the tips. Avocado soothes the scalp, ridding it of flakes and itching. Olive oil also nourishes and protects your hair, reducing split ends. This treatment works best warmed and massaged into your scalp and hair. After at least 30 minutes, rinse it out with shampoo. Then you’re ready to show off your glorious hair.

#5 – Aloe Vera Hair Mist:

Aloe Vera Hair Mist
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When your curls fall flat, so does your mood. That’s why having an instant refresher can make your day go that much smoother. This DIY curl spray can bring back the bounce. All you need is some water, Aloe Vera juice, and coconut oil. Mix them together and pour them into a spray bottle that you can take with you anywhere. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a lovely scent. Then, when you need it, add a few spritzes and carry on with your day.

#6 – Mayonnaise Hair Treatment: 

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment
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Instead of buying a bunch of natural ingredients and combining them into one, buy a jar of mayonnaise. This product contains everything you need for healthy hair. The eggs strengthen your hair and prevent dandruff. Soybean oil is rich in vitamin K, which prevents breakage and split ends. Vinegar helps to balance out your pH levels. Lemon juice is quite acidic and can dry out your hair. But when combined with the other ingredients, it removes the buildup for cleaner hair.

#7 – Leave-in Conditioning Spray:

Leave-in Conditioning Spray
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Heavy conditioners or moisturizers can weigh down your hair, leaving buildup behind. For any hair type, from fine hair to thick, curly hair, a leave-in conditioning spray can give your hair what it needs. This one uses a cup of distilled water and some vegetable glycerin. Since the glycerin is made from the liquid and fats of vegetable oil, it can nourish your hair naturally. For a fresh scent, you can also add some essential oils. There are specific ones for dry hair, normal hair, and oily hair, for great benefits and a lovely scent.

#8 – Hot Oil Treatment for Damage:

Hot Oil Treatment
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One of the best treatments for damaged hair is a hot oil treatment. But these can be expensive if you buy one from your local pharmacy or head out to the salon. Thankfully, there is a one ingredient treatment at home that you can do for only pennies. All you need is some oil. The best choices are virgin coconut oil or olive oil. They coat the strands, softening them while they add the moisture your hair needs. Just warm up the oil, apply it to the damaged strands, and let it soak in. Then shampoo as usual.

#9 – Homemade Hot Oil Treatment: 

Homemade Hot Oil
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Dry hair is an issue everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Whether it is from heat styling, too much product, or a lack of moisture in your hair in the winter, it can be fixed. All you need is a hot oil hair treatment. This one combines equal parts almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. These oils contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients that can moisturize your hair. This mixture can also clear up any dandruff, promote growth, and give your hair a healthy shine.

#10 – Homemade Dandruff Shampoo: 

Homemade Dandruff Shampoo
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To fight dandruff, don’t buy an expensive dandruff shampoo. You can buy any shampoo to keep those flakes away by adding one simple ingredient. All you need is a couple aspirin tablets crushed into your shampoo. This works because the main ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid. Since this is also the active ingredient in dandruff shampoos, it’s a cheaper solution. Then you can condition as usual. The end result is soft, clean hair free of flakes and that unwanted medicinal smell.

#11 – Beer Spray: 

Beer Spray
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It may seem crazy to take a perfectly good beer and leave it out, without drinking a drop, to go flat. But this flat beer can do wonders for your hair. It is a great conditioner, adding shine to dull hair, and giving it a boost of volume. Beer also contains vitamin B, which softens your hair so much it will be hard to keep your hands off of it. This moisturizing spray recipe includes only 2 ingredients, including beer and water. Use it once a week for healthier, shinier hair. 

#12 – Rice Milk and Honey Hair Wash:

Rice Milk and Honey Hair Wash
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Honey has a wide variety of benefits for healthy hair. It is an antioxidant, an antibacterial, and an antiseptic. This prevents damage and scalp infections. It can also treat dandruff, eczema, and other skin disorders. Honey is a natural humectant as well and can lock in the moisture for softer, longer hair. Rice milk, also called rice water, is also great for your hair. It conditions and has a slippery texture that can eliminate tangles. Together, these two natural products make a great homemade hair mask for any hair type.

#13 – Mint Hair Tonic:

Mint Hair Tonic
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Mint tastes and smells great, but it is also an amazing product for your hair. It not only soothes your scalp, but it can help battle dandruff and promote hair growth. And if someone brings home lice, the antibacterial properties can rid you of those nasty bugs. This recipe combines the mint with plain water and some vinegar. The vinegar clears out the dirt, oils, and build up other products leave behind. Vinegar can also add volume and shine without stripping your hair of its color. This mixture is great for all hair types.

#14 – Treatment for Dull Hair:

Treatment for Dull Hair
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Using styling products daily can strip away your hair’s natural moisture and cause dull hair. But even if you don’t use them, other factors can dull your hair. Pollution, hard water, and chlorine in swimming pools can leave your hair lifeless. Luckily, dairy products contain lactic acid and milk fat. The first gently cleanses your hair, while the second adds moisture and shine. All you need to do is apply some sour cream or plain yogurt to damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes, and then rinse it out for the gorgeous hair you’ll love to show off.

#15 – Treatment for Oily or Greasy Hair:

Treatment for Oily or Greasy Hair
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If you have oily or greasy hair, you probably wash it every day. This can actually make the problem worse since your stripping away all the oils with every wash. This sends your sebaceous glands into overdrive, creating more oil. Instead, try using cornmeal or cornstarch to rid you of the excess oil in your hair. Just sprinkle it on, let it soak up what it can, and then brush it out. This can be done every other day. 

Homemade Hair Treatments Final Thoughts

Homemade hair treatments can bring back your hair’s natural luster and shine. They can add volume, clear up buildup, and protect your hair when needed. The recipes above give you all the info you need to make the right treatment for your hair type and issues. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family who are in need of some DIY treatments, too. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our hair care buyer’s guides.