DIY Body Scrubs

Exfoliate! 31 DIY Body Scrubs {Smooth Skin…}

Body scrubs are great for ridding you of dry, scaly skin. But store-bought body scrubs are expensive and contain unwanted chemicals. So, what’s the solution? You could try making a DIY body scrub at home. This way, you can use safe, natural ingredients for healthy skin. And it will cost you only a fraction of the price of any scrubs you buy in a store.

Sugar Scrubs

#1 – Delicious Scrub:

The cane sugar and sea salt in this scrub gently exfoliate, while the oils soften your skin. And the soft scent of lavender will calm your mind.

#2 – Sweet Almond Oil Scrub:

White or brown sugar for exfoliating, and almond oil for moisture. Added in are some vitamin E capsules to keep your skin wrinkle-free.

#3 – Orange Creamsicle Scrub:

Enjoy your favorite cold summer treat without worrying about the extra calories. The tasty scent comes from a mix of vanilla extract and orange essential oil.

#4 – Honey Brown Sugar Scrub:

This brown sugar scrub uses olive oil and honey to soften and hydrate your skin. The vanilla and optional cinnamon give it its relaxing scent.

#5 – Sugar Olive Oil Scrub:

With only 3 ingredients, this moisturizing scrub is as easy to make as it is to use. From your neck to your toes, it can battle those winter blues.

#6 – Sweet Ginger Skin Polish:

Ginger can detoxify, lighten scars, and even reduce cellulite. Together, these make it an amazing addition to this homemade sugar scrub.

#7 – Lime Salt Scrub:

Fresh lime juice and grated lime peel are combined in this scrub. The refreshing scent follows you all day as you show off your glowing skin.

#8 – Chocolate Scrub:

The chocolate in this recipe comes from cocoa baking powder. But you can add bakers chocolate for more of that sweet scent.

#9 – Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub:

Celebrate the holidays all year round with this mixture. All you need is some olive oil, flaxseed oil, sugar and peppermint extract.

#10 – Root Beer Float Scrub:

Root Beer Float Scrub

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You may have to remind yourself not to drink this sweet scrub, made from sugar, oil, and root beer extract.

#11 – Simple Sugar Scrub:

If you prefer to go the simple route, this sugar scrub recipe needs only two ingredients. Of course, you can add essential oils for a nice scent.

#12 – Moisturizing Scrub:

Winter skin can be especially difficult since the dry air seems to suck the moisture right out of you. Add this scrub to your shower routine to replace what’s lost.

Salt Scrubs

#13 – Natural Vanilla and Pumpkin Spice Salt Scrub:

Natural vanilla extract combined with a mixture of spices give this salt scrub its name. They also give it a heavenly scent.

#14 – Almond and Floral Scrub:

Let the Epsom salts scrub your cares away while the almond oil and floral oils soak into your skin.

#15 – Ginger Detox Scrub:

This combination of Epsom salt, ginger and lemon can detoxify, cleanse and hydrate. A full body scrub with this mixture will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

#16 – Coconut Oil Salt Scrub:

You need only three ingredients for this invigorating scrub. It will keep that winter skin soft and hydrated long after the snow melts.

#17 – Citrus Body Scrub:

The fresh scent of lemon and orange will perk you up first thing in the morning. And it will last long after the salt scrubs you clean.

#18 – Rose Body Scrub:

Roses don’t last forever, and neither does their sweet scent. But with this salt scrub, it will linger on your skin all day long.

#19 – Salt and Honey Scrub with Grapefruit and Rosemary:

The honey, olive oil and essential oils in this recipe give your skin the moisture it needs. And the salt takes away what it doesn’t.

#20 – Coffee Scrub:

Coffee isn’t just a great drink to wake up with as this recipe proves. The combination of coffee grounds and sea salt leave your skin touchably smooth.

#21 – Geisha Salted Cream Scrub:

This recipe uses only 3 ingredients, which are likely already in your home. The main one is cream, which hydrates while reducing pigmentation and acne.

#22 – Ultimate Sea Salt Scrub:

Since baby oil works so well for the little ones, add it to this scrub to keep your skin as soft as theirs is.

Oatmeal Scrubs

#23 – Oatmeal Chamomile Scrub:

The hydrating effect of oatmeal softens and heals your skin while it scrubs away the dry patches. Chamomile tea bags heal blemishes and add a bit of protection.

#24 – For My Honey Scrub:

The oatmeal and sugar buff away the dry skin, while the honey and coconut oil soothe and hydrate. And essential oils add a relaxing scent.

#25 – Oatmeal and Honey Scrub:

This simple scrub uses only 2 ingredients. Since oatmeal and honey have so many health benefits on their own, why complicate things?

#26 – Grapefruit and Oatmeal Scrub:

The grapefruit tones your skin, stimulating it into looking it’s most beautiful. The ground oatmeal polishes away the dryness, bringing out its natural glow.

#27 – Coffee and Oatmeal Scrub:

Coffee stimulates, oatmeal and olive oil hydrate, and honey moisturizes. Add in some sugar to exfoliate and you have an easy scrub that soothes without irritation.

Nut Scrubs

#28 – Almond Pulp Scrub:

If you make homemade almond milk, don’t throw that leftover pulp away. Instead, combine it with some sweet almond oil and lavender oil for silky skin.

#29 – Almond Brown Sugar Scrub:

Technically, this is a sugar scrub. But it also includes almond meal to exfoliate and almond oil for its pure scent.

#30 – Luxurious Scrub:

Another option for your leftover almond pulp is to mix it with olive oil and sea salt. The lemon is antibacterial, so it will heal any acne and brighten your skin.

#31 – Honey and Almond Scrub:

Walnuts or almonds scrub away those unwanted dry patches. The rest of the ingredients revitalize and moisturize. The result: clean skin that smells citrus fresh.

DIY Body Scrubs Final Thoughts

Homemade body scrubs are a benefit to your skin and wallet. They allow you to include organic food and essential oils into your skin care routine. And because they are easily made in your own home, you can save money on beauty products. I hope you enjoyed reading our article on DIY body scrubs. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our hair care buyer’s guides.

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