Causes Of Greasy Hair

There are two causes of greasy hair; your scalps sebum glands are creating too much oil or simply, you are not washing your hair on a regular basis. Sebum is a wax like substance that is a natural occurrence in the human body. It is designed to keep hair strong, soft and waterproof. People that have fine or thin hair, tend to have more hair, which in turn means more sebaceous glands. Greasy hair is usually at its strongest during puberty and menopause.

Some experts believe that greasy hair can lead to potential problems in future, like hair loss and dandruff.
It is a common myth that washing your hair daily is bad for your hair and definitely bad for a greasy build-up. Actually, it increases hair and scalp health. The amount of oil your sebum glands produce is down to genetics and controlled by androgens, which are male hormones found in males and females.

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    Controlling Greasy Hair

    The following options can be considered to help prevent causes of greasy hair:

    1. Use shampoo on a daily basis with cool or warm water (This helps slow the production of sebum)
    2. Use oil tackling shampoos and not moisture enhancers (Never use products that are advertised to improve shine and moisture)
    3. Always use cold water after shampooing
    4. Use dry shampoo in between washes
    5. Use oil removal products on scalp only
    6. Leave shampoo around scalp for longer to remove excess oil
    7. Avoid using products like wax and gel
    8. Clay masks are an excellent treatment for oily hair
    9. Look out for herbal products as an alternative, like seaweed,tea tree and rosemary
    10. Lemon can be used to rinse hair, or even vinegar (if you can sustain the smell)

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