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Homemade Hair Treatments1

Check Your Cabinets! 15 Homemade Hair Treatments {Healthy at Home…}

Your hair will always need some love and care to keep it looking gorgeous and full of life. But going to the salon or buying hair treatments to combat various issues can be expensive. So, what’s the solution? Try out a homemade hair treatment. These use a mixture of foods, oils, and other products you […]

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No Poo Method

Shampoo Alternatives? 6 No Poo Methods {Natural Beauty…}

Washing your hair every day or two is normal behavior for most people. But the harmful ingredients in shampoos have many people looking for other options. So, what’s the solution? Well, many women have decided to try out the no poo method. They prefer to use natural ingredients over commercial products on their hair. The […]

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Essential Oils for Hair

Healthy Hair! 13 Essential Oils For Hair {Plus 5 Recipes…}

There are a variety of hair issues for you to deal with over the course of your life. Unfortunately, there are few products that can treat more than one. And the store-bought brands contain chemicals that can cause unwanted side effects. So, what’s the solution? Try out essential oils for hair. They have a variety […]

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Food for Healthy Hair

Not Just for Dinner! 20 Foods for Healthy Hair {Yummy!}

Your hair puts up with a lot, including heat styling, damaging dyes, and harsh UV rays. But deep conditioning treatments and supplements are expensive. What’s the solution? Bring the life back into your scalp and hair using healthy foods. They can be good sources of the vitamins and minerals your scalp, follicles, and strands need. […]

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Tricks To Help Greasy Hair

How To Improve Greasy Hair

The first thing to keep in mind if you’re a woman with greasy hair is that oily hair is a naturally occurring hair type. While in our society some people may judge and you yourself may feel uncomfortable about it or find it inconvenient, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Some people naturally have […]

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