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What is the pH Level of a Shampoo

Chemistry? What is the pH Level of a Shampoo? {Balanced…}

If you’ve ever noticed your hair is frizzy, dry, damaged, or tangles easily, this may be caused by your shampoo or more specifically by the pH levels of your shampoo. But what is pH and why is the right level important for your hair? What are pH Levels? Any junior high student knows that pH […]

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What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do

Got Buildup? What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do? {Get Clean…}

When hair becomes unmanageable, don’t panic and load it down with extra styling products to create the look you want. Instead, use a clarifying shampoo to rid yourself of the product buildup, oils, dirt, and minerals clogging up your hair to restore its beauty and manageability. What is a Clarifying Shampoo? Regular shampoos will wash […]

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How to get rid of scalp buildup

Gunky? How to Get Rid of Scalp Buildup {Yes!}

Scalp buildup can leave your hair feeling heavy, looking dull, and difficult to manage. It can also cause itchiness and discomfort if left untreated. That’s why removing the buildup and keeping it from returning is an excellent way to keep your scalp and hair healthy and looking fabulous. What Causes Scalp Buildup? In order to […]

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Best Volumizing Shampoo

Full Not Flat! 9 Best Volumizing Shampoos 2017 {Great Thick Hair}

If you have fine or oily hair, you probably suffer from a lack of volume and fullness, even on your best hair days. It may seem like you’re stuck with heavy, lifeless hair, but there is a solution. Using the best volumizing shampoo for hair thickening can relieve you of your flat hair woes. These […]

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Does Biotin Shampoo Help Hair Growth-min

Biotin? Does Biotin Shampoo Help Hair Growth? {Lets Look..}

While there are many who claim that a biotin shampoo has helped their hair grow faster and thicker, some people question the validity of these statements. Those who question the validity of these statements are wary of jumping on the biotin bandwagon. So today we will discuss if biotin shampoo is actually effective and how […]

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