Gunky? How to Get Rid of Scalp Buildup {Yes!}

How to get rid of scalp buildup

Scalp buildup can leave your hair feeling heavy, looking dull, and difficult to manage. It can also cause itchiness and discomfort if left untreated. That’s why removing the buildup and keeping it from returning is an excellent way to keep your scalp and hair healthy and looking fabulous. What Causes Scalp Buildup? In order to … Read more

Color? Best Clarifying Shampoos For Color Treated Hair 2023 {Fox}

Best Clarifying Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

If you use styling products in your hair, you may have noticed that over time it starts to accumulate a large amount of build-up. This build-up can make your hair look dull and lifeless. There is a solution – A clarifying shampoo that will remove the nasty build-up and restore the shine and manageability you’ve … Read more

It Helps! 7 Best Clarifying Shampoo For Natural Hair 2023 {Easy}

Best Clarifying Shampoo For Natural Hair

Here’s the problem: If you have natural black hair, it may be dry and brittle making you wonder if there is any type of shampoo that won’t damage it further. Many with this hair type are going the “no shampoo” route and strictly doing co-washing or conditioner-only washing. This is a great option because it … Read more

Beautiful! 9 Best Clarifying Shampoos For Fine Hair 2023 {Who?}

Best Clarifying Shampoo For Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you may be wondering: Is there a solution to your oily, flat hair issues? Of course there is! The solution is a clarifying shampoo for fine hair. This type of shampoo is fine hair’s best friend because it will help to clear away the excess oils that tend to saturate … Read more