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How To Tie A Scarf 27 Ways

Accessorize! How to Tie a Scarf 27 Ways {Knots Galore…}

You may be used to seeing scarves in winter, but fashion scarves have become popular for all seasons. But how do you tie them to look as good as those you see in beauty magazines and on the streets? It’s easier than you think. With countless styles to choose from, you can practically wear your […]

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When to use a Leave-in Conditioner

Got Flyaways? When to Use a Leave-in Conditioner {Learn here…}

Everyone knows that regular conditioners are used after shampooing to protect it from breakage, add moisture, and smooth out any roughness. But when should you use a leave-in conditioner? That’s the question we’re going to answer today. What is a Leave-in Conditioner? Before discussing when to use this product, it is a good idea to […]

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What Does Leave-in Conditioner do for Your Hair

What Does Leave-in Conditioner Do For Your Hair? {Smooth Out…}

Some people use a leave-in conditioner after their regular hair washing routine, but many people are still unaware of the benefits of using a this type of product. When those people realize just what a leave-in can do for their hair, they often wonder how they went this long without it. What Does a Leave-in […]

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What is the pH Level of a Shampoo

Chemistry? What is the pH Level of a Shampoo? {Balanced…}

If you’ve ever noticed your hair is frizzy, dry, damaged, or tangles easily, this may be caused by your shampoo or more specifically by the pH levels of your shampoo. But what is pH and why is the right level important for your hair? What are pH Levels? Any junior high student knows that pH […]

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What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do

Got Buildup? What Does Clarifying Shampoo Do? {Get Clean…}

When hair becomes unmanageable, don’t panic and load it down with extra styling products to create the look you want. Instead, use a clarifying shampoo to rid yourself of the product buildup, oils, dirt, and minerals clogging up your hair to restore its beauty and manageability. What is a Clarifying Shampoo? Regular shampoos will wash […]

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