Biotin? Does Biotin Shampoo Help Hair Growth? {Let’s Look..}

While there are many who claim that a biotin shampoo has helped their hair grow faster and thicker, some people question the validity of these statements. Those who question the validity of these statements are wary of jumping on the biotin bandwagon. So today we will discuss if biotin shampoo is actually effective and how it works.

What is Biotin Shampoo?

Biotin ShampooAccording to a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Susan Stuart, biotin is a B-complex vitamin that has many benefits for helping your metabolism to create the energy your body needs as well as removing the carbon dioxide from the cells in your body. Dermatologist Dr. Richard Scher believes it can also help to improve the keratin in your hair, as well as your nails and skin, and can make it stronger and less likely to suffer from breakage though there is no clear evidence of how exactly biotin helps with hair growth. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, shampoo manufacturers have introduced biotin into some of their shampoo brands to give consumers the longer, thicker hair they want as well as reducing the hair loss in those suffering from this issue.

How Does Biotin Shampoo Work?

The condition of your scalp can actually affect the way your hair grows. Flaky, dry skin deposits on the follicles can prevent the hair’s natural growth cycle, say the experts at Healthy Hair PlusBiotin shampoo can help by unclogging those follicles, clearing away the dead skin cells, and allowing your scalp to regain the moisture it needs to continue its natural growth. It also gives your hair the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to improve the circulation.

In addition to this, biotin shampoo can restore your hair’s strength by encouraging amino acid production, which is necessary for your hair to produce the proteins it needs to stay strong and resist damage. Biotin shampoo is even capable of improving the volume of your hair, making it look and feel thicker and more lustrous because of the higher collagen content in these types of shampoos.

      Does Biotin Shampoo Actually Make Your Hair Grow?

      Though many people claim that using biotin in one form or another has increased the rate of their hair’s growth, as well as its health and appearance, there are no scientific studies that prove these claims are true, according to the staff at This does not mean that it doesn’t work, it just means that no studies have confirmed these claims, which is why many people still use biotin shampoo and take oral supplements to boost their hair’s growth and improve its health.

      Salmon FishWhen using biotin, the rate at which your hair will grow depends on many factors, including the speed of your metabolism, your general health, how much water you consume each day, and even your age. Your diet can also affect the results you could see, because biotin is found in numerous foods, such as fish, dairy, whole wheat bread, nuts, and many fruits and vegetables. Eating plenty of these foods while using the shampoo could give you better results.

      If you are taking biotin supplements in another form, this could also have something to do with your hair’s rate of growth. You can take biotin orally in the form of a pill, or in oil form that can be used as part of your hair care regimen to boost its health and its growth.

      Are There Side Effects of Using Biotin Shampoo?

      The experts at New Health Advisor confirm that biotin is safe to use in all forms for most users, though there are a few side effects that those considering adding this shampoo to their hair care routine should understand. The most common are acne, which can develop along the jawline and chin, when using biotin in any form. If using the pills as well as the shampoo, lessening your dosage to below 2500 mcg and drinking plenty of water can help to reduce this type of acne. Though this is rare, an allergic reaction to biotin is also a possibility. Some symptoms you may experience include itching, rashes, nausea, chest pain, and swelling in your face and throat. If you suffer from these symptoms, discontinue the use of the shampoo and seek medical attention.

      Pregnant WomanWhile pregnant women can become deficient in biotin and require a supplement. There have been rare cases where taking larger doses of biotin can actually lead to a miscarriage. The levels in shampoos are usually not high enough for this issue unless you are taking a supplement as well. To be sure the health of your baby is not at risk, talk to your doctor about using biotin shampoo or any other form of biotin supplement if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant.

      Some people taking medications for certain health issues, such as high cholesterol, seizures or diabetes, have experienced negative interactions when combined because the biotin can reduce the effectiveness of these medications. This is yet another reason to be careful when using biotin shampoo, to be sure the health of your hair does not interfere with the health of your body. Talk to your doctor to be sure using a biotin shampoo is safe for you or your loved ones.

      Biotin Shampoo and Hair Growth Final Thoughts

      While there are no studies that prove biotin causes hair growth, the massive sales of the supplement at least prove that thousands of men and women around the world consider it useful. Before adding a new supplement to your routine, please do your research and be aware of any side effects that might cause discomfort. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our blog and our hair care buyer’s guides.