6 Best Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair 2019

Coloring your hair is a great way to change up your look. It’s also wonderful for hiding those troublesome grays. But the chemicals used to alter your natural shade can leave your hair parched and prone to damage. So, how do you keep the moisture in without ruining your color? It’s easy! All you need to do is add the best leave in conditioner for color treated hair to your regular routine. These lightweight products hydrate your strands for softer, stronger hair. You can use them anytime you need it on both wet and dry hair, no matter where you are. Best of all, their formulas keep your color looking its best, rather than stripping it away. If your colored hair is in need of a moisture boost, please read on!

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Why Use a Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave in TreatmentThere are a few reasons to use a leave in conditioner for any hair type, but it is most important for colored hair. There are a few reasons for this. 

Colored Hair is More Porous

When you color your hair, the strands become more porous. This means your hair can absorb moisture easier, but it can also lose it just as quickly. Every time your hair gets wet, those color molecules are washed away. That’s why your stylist will encourage you not to wash your hair every day. Taking a day off from shampooing can reduce fading. But you still need to condition your hair, which is where a leave in conditioner comes into play.


After color treatments, your hair is already dry and damaged. When you add heat styling to the mix, the damage gets worse. If left untreated, your hair will suffer, ending up brittle and full of split ends. Leave in conditioners can protect your hair. They are formulated to act as a barrier between your hair and the heat. They can even replace some of your usual styling products, reducing buildup. UV rays can also cause fading. The more exposure your hair gets, the faster your color will fade. There are many leave in conditioners that contain SPF to reduce this issue. Many also have a mix of vitamins included in their ingredients. These can restore your hair to its natural softness while preventing further damage.

If you like to swim regularly, you may have noticed your hair color changing after prolonged pool use. This is because of chlorine in the water. This chemical keeps the water clean, but it wreaks havoc on your color. A leave in conditioner can protect your colored hair from this alteration. This is especially important for those with lighter shades. A good leave in can make that greenish tinge a thing of the past.


The more knots you have in your hair, the more risk there is for breakage when you try to brush it. Using a conditioner after you shampoo is a must, but what about those off shampoo days? Use a leave in conditioner! They can be used on wet or dry hair, after you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night. You can even carry a small travel bottle in your purse or bag for after a workout. Your hair will be smoother, making it easy to pass a comb or brush through those strands, no matter where you are.

How to Use a Leave in Conditioner

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In CreamBefore you start applying a leave in conditioner to your color treated hair, first you need the right one. How to choose depends on your hair type. 

Oily Hair

Oily hair usually doesn’t need much in the way of moisture, but after coloring, this may become a necessity. Choose one that is lightweight, to keep it from weighing down your hair or making it look and feel greasy.

Fine Hair

Fine hair also needs a lightweight formula. Since this hair type also tends to be a bit oily at the scalp, any extra weight will leave it looking limp and flat. Choose a leave in that adds a bit of volume and bounce.

Dry or Curly Hair

If your hair is already dry, coloring it will make this issue worse. When picking a leave in conditioner, the best choice is a moisturizing product. You should also look for proteins in the ingredients list to add some strength. This will help eliminate the damage and keep it from recurring.

    How to Use a Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

    No matter what your hair type is, you need to use the leave in conditioner in the same way. Shampoo your hair, and condition it if needed. Then towel it dry. Now apply your leave in. It is best to start at the tips since this area will need the most moisture. Work your way up to about the middle of your hair, ending near your ears. Don’t apply it to your scalp since this could weigh down your hair and make it feel greasy.

    Best Leave in Conditioners for Color Treated Hair on the Market

    Best Drugstore Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair: Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave in Treatment

    Aveeno Nourish + Condition Treatment Spray, 5.2 Ounce

    Adding some hydration to your color treated hair doesn’t need to cost a fortune. This leave in treatment by Aveeno proves this with its quality performance at a great low price. It does exactly what its name suggests, nourishing and conditioning your hair. This reduces the dryness and the damage. The wheat complex in this formula blends wheat protein and wheat germ oil. Together, they target the brittle, damaged areas, adding strength to reduce breakage. Aveeno also boasts that after only three uses of this spray, you will have soft, shiny, hydrated hair. Best of all, it is gentle enough to use on all hair colors.


    • It is lightweight, so won’t weight down fine hair
    • This leave in is hypoallergenic
    • It costs less than $6.00 per bottle
    • It works well as a detangler
    • It tames down frizz and static


    • The scent is a bit overpowering
    • If too much is used, it may leave a white residue on your hair and hands

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    The Best Moisturizing Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In Cream

    Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream Conditioner for Extra Dry Hair, Damaged & Over-Processed Hair, Hydrating with Olive, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond, 6 fl. oz

    Whether your hair is color treated, over-processed, or just extra dry, this Neutrogena leave in cream can help. It infuses your hair with moisture, soaking in fast for long-lasting results. This is because of the three naturally derived extracts in this formula. Olive oil penetrates the hair shaft, working its way to the center. Meadowfoam Seed moisturizes the middle of the strands. The Sweet Almond coats each surface. Your hair is left feeling soft and silky enough that you won’t be able to resist stroking it throughout the day. Frizz and flyaways are also eliminated thanks to the humidity protection. Best of all, this leave in cream contains UV filters to reduce fading, even after long hours in the sun.


    • Works on all hair types without weighing them down
    • UV filters protect from sun damage and fading
    • Dry, damaged hair looks and feels healthy again
    • You only need to use a little each time


    • It is a bit thin for a cream

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    Best Organic Leave in Conditioner for Color Treated Hair: Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner

    artnaturals Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner - (12 Fl Oz / 355ml) - Made with Organic and Natural Ingredients - for All Hair Types – Treatment for Damaged, Dry, Color Treated and Hair Loss

    Art Naturals leave in uses a combination of natural moisturizers for safer hair care. The main ingredient is virgin organic Argan oil. It penetrates the hair, smoothing out the frizz. Argan oil also promotes healthy growth for longer, stronger hair. This oil contains vitamins E and B, which work together to repair breakage and split ends. They can even heal a dry scalp, reducing itching and flakes. Awapuhi white ginger adds softness and shine for glossy strands. Using this leave in can protect your hair from the damage inflicted on it during heat styling. UV rays also won’t be able to penetrate this hydrating product.


    • All ingredients are 100% natural
    • This leave in is paraben and cruelty-free
    • It is decently priced for a 12-ounce bottle
    • It softens even the driest hair


    • The formula is a bit thick, so you need to use it sparingly
    • The scent is a bit strong
    • Hair needs to be wet for it to work properly

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    The Best Leave in Conditioner for Fine Color Treated Hair: Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Treatment Spray

    Pureology Colour Fanatic Leave-in Conditioner Hair Treatment Detangling Spray | Protects Hair Color From Fading | Heat Protectant | Vegan

    This leave in treatment from Pureology uses a blend of natural oils for a variety of uses. In fact, this spray boasts 21 benefits for your hair. The most important one for color treated hair is the fade protection. But this leave in goes so much further. It moisturizes and detangles, without adding weight. It prevents split ends and breakage, strengthening your strands. This formula even protects against heat and environmental damage for healthy locks. Frizz, static, and dryness will no longer be an issue. Instead, they’re replaced with shiny, silky smooth hair you’ll love to show off. Your colored hair will be refreshed with every use.


    • This leave in can tame frizz and reduce dryness
    • It reduces fading on color treated hair
    • It works well as a detangler
    • The light formula won’t weigh down your hair


    • It is quite expensive for a small 6.7-ounce bottle
    • Using too much leaves your hair feeling stiff
    • The fragrance is a bit strong

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    The Best Leave in Conditioner for Natural Hair: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner

    Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner with Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hair Growth, Strengthen & Restore, Vitamin E, Curly Hair Products Safe for use on Hair Color, 16 Oz

    Shea Moisture‘s leave in conditioner is great for treating natural hair issues. It doesn’t matter if it is chemically or color treated, or just suffering from too much heat styling. How does it do it? By using a variety of natural ingredients to fight off hair damage and restore its health and shine. Organic Shea butter is the most important since it moisturizes those dry strands. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is rich in reparative omegas. These promote growth while strengthening your hair. Peppermint is also added for a tingly, stimulating experience. What you won’t find in this mix are sulfates, gluten, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.


    • Free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors and fragrances, and other chemicals
    • This leave in conditioning treatment is cruelty-free
    • It is decently priced for a large 16-ounce jar
    • It leaves your hair healthy and soft


    • The product is a bit thin and runny
    • This leave in conditioner is too heavy for fine hair

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    The Best Leave in Conditioner for Damaged Color Treated Hair: Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave in Conditioning Spray

    Briogeo Rosarco Leave-In Conditioning Spray, 5 oz

    Damaged hair needs repair above anything else, to improve its texture and strength. This Briogeo Rosarco reparative leave in spray uses a blend of rosehip, argan and coconut oils to do just that. These healthy ingredients nourish your damaged strands, restoring its softness and luster. They also add strength and manageability to keep the damage from recurring. Even those who heat style their colored hair daily will have the protection they need. Because this formula can be used on both wet and dry hair, you can take it with you to nourish your hair as needed. And the lightweight mist won’t leave any heavy build up behind.


    • 98% of the ingredients are naturally derived
    • This leave in is made cruelty free
    • It has a great fresh scent
    • Reduces frizz, split ends, and brittleness
    • The small bottle is easy to carry anywhere


    • This leave in is quite expensive at $20.00 for a small 5-ounce bottle
    • It may be too light for thick hair

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    Best Leave In Conditioner Final Thoughts

    When you have color treated hair, you need to be careful when choosing your beauty products. They need to moisturize your dry hair and reduce the damage the coloring process has caused. But more importantly, they need to ensure your color will last as long as possible. The best leave in conditioner for color treated hair can fulfill all these needs. All the products reviewed are great for colored hair of all types. But the best of the bunch is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In Cream. Like the others, it reduces damage while hydrating those dry strands. It also matches them in its frizz control. What puts it over the top is the fact that it protects your hair from UV and heat damage. It is also light enough to use on fine hair, while still being able to penetrate thicker locks.

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