Pretty! Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair in 2022 {Healthy}

Coloring your hair is a long and expensive process, but is worth it when you see your perfect new shade in the mirror. Unfortunately, these treatments can dry out your hair, causing brittleness and split ends. The best way to combat this issue is to use the best conditioner for color treated hair in 2022. These are specially formulated to moisturize your newly colored hair. These products will also give your hair the protection it needs to fight off further damage. Most importantly, these conditioners won’t fade your color, even if you use them every day. If you’re in need of the proper conditioner, and a few other tips on maintaining your new shade, read on!

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Can I Use Conditioner for Color Treated Hair?

Davines Alchemic ConditionerThe short answer to this question is: Yes, of course, you can! But many people have concerns about washing their hair too often. This is because we’ve all been told how quickly this can fade your color. But you don’t have to shampoo your hair to condition it. Here are a few reasons why you should keep using that conditioner every day.

Hair is More Porous

That’s right, coloring your hair makes it more porous than your natural hair was. This means that every time you wet it, it is able to release the color you paid to put in there. Conditioning your hair can help to lock the color in there, so it lasts longer instead of fading away.


Sulfates are basically a detergent meant to cleanse your hair. But they are made from sulfur-containing mineral salts. Since salts can actually suck the moisture out of anything, they are terrible for your hair. This is especially true for hair that is already dried out from the coloring process. Conditioners for colored hair are usually made without sulfates. This makes them a safer product that will hydrate your hair rather than dry it out any further.

UV Protection

Water isn’t the only thing that can fade your color. UV rays can dehydrate your hair, which can leave your color dull and lifeless. Some conditioners for colored hair may contain vitamins A, C, and E, which can lock in your hair’s moisture. A few brands even use SPF in their conditioners for added protection.

Formulated for All Hair Types

If you have fine or oily hair, you may be avoiding conditioner since hydration is not an issue for you. But coloring your hair even strips these hair types of their moisture. This could leave your hair dryer, causing brittleness, split ends, and breakage. A conditioner for colored hair can combat these issues in all hair types. You just need to learn how to use it properly for your specific hair type. This will keep it looking and feeling its best.

How to Use Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

Your normal shower routine may work well with your natural shade but may need a few tweaks for your new color. This will help keep your chosen shade vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible.

Lower the Temperature

ColorProof Super Rich Moisture ConditionerHot water can strip away your hair color in no time. This is because heat lifts the outer cuticle layer of your hair. This allows the water to get in, washing away the color. Lower the temperature when you’re washing and conditioning your hair.

Apply it First

Don’t leave your conditioner until the end of the shower. The first thing you should do is shampoo if needed, then add your conditioner. Let it soak into your hair while you continue with the rest of your routine. The steam in your shower will open up your hair so the conditioner can penetrate the strands. Then rinse it out at the end.

Apply it Properly

Since dyeing your hair strips moisture away, you may be tempted to coat the entire strand to restore it. But this isn’t the case for everyone. How to apply your color protecting conditioner depends on your hair type. For those with curly, dry, or damaged hair, more is always better. You can start close to your scalp and work the conditioner throughout your entire head of hair. Fine or oily hair won’t need this much though. Since they will have more oil near the scalp, it is best to focus on the ends. Then move up the hair to about the middle of the strands. If you feel you need to go higher, you can do so, but stay away from your scalp. This area won’t need the help, and adding too much product can weigh it down, leaving you with flat, lifeless hair.

Avoid Excess Rinsing

It can be relaxing standing under the spray, letting it wash over your hair and body. But while you’re enjoying this luxuriating massage, your color is washing away. After you rinse the conditioner out of your hair, turn off the water. Your hair color will thank you.

    Other Tips for Maintaining Your Hair Color

    As well as using the right conditioner in the proper way, there are a few other things you can do to make your color last.

    Cut off Damaged Ends

    Any time you process your hair, damaged ends will show up, and coloring your hair is no exception. To keep this damage from spreading, it’s best to trim off the ends right after you color, leaving behind only healthy hair. Bleaching your hair is more damaging than regular dyes, so if you go this route, you may have to take off a larger chunk of hair, so be prepared for his. You should also get regular trims every 6-8 weeks after coloring your hair. This will help prevent any split ends from forming.

    Wait to Wash Your Hair

    It can take up to three days for your hair’s cuticle layer to close. This traps the color in your hair. If you wash your hair right after it’s dyed, you’ll be rinsing those color molecules right down the drain. Waiting a minimum of 72 hours before you wash your hair is best to ensure long-lasting color.

    Shampoo Less Often

    Since shampoos can strip away your natural oils, it’s best to limit the amount you wash your hair after you color it. Your hair needs those oils to keep it soft and healthy, which will also maintain your new shade.

    Use Dry Shampoo

    Since you’ll only be washing your hair every 2-3 days after coloring, you may need to add a good dry shampoo to your routine. This is especially true for those with oily hair. The dry shampoo will soak up the excess oil, plus can add a bit of volume if needed.

    Avoid Clarifying Shampoos

    Regular shampoos, conditioners, and styling products can leave residue on your hair. Over time, this residue can build up. This leaves your hair dull, flat, and hard to manage. A clarifying shampoo is the solution, cutting through the buildup and washing it away. But this type of shampoo can also wash away your new color, fading it way before it’s time. That’s why you should avoid clarifying shampoos until your hair has recovered from the coloring process and the color has started to fade on its own. The best time to use a clarifying shampoo is right before you color, so it can clear out the junk. This makes it easier for your color to take, making it more vibrant right from the start.

    Keep It Dry

    Arvazallia Repair Daily ConditionerJust because you aren’t shampooing every day doesn’t mean you skip showering altogether. On your off-shampoo days, keep your hair dry in the shower by tying it up high on your head. You can even use a shower cap if you feel the need.

    Condition Every Time You Wash

    When you do use the shampoo, be sure to condition right after. This helps to keep your hair hydrated. It also gives you color a healthy shine and an even tone. If your hair is suffering from damage, you can even condition on your off-shampoo days. This will help restore its moisture and protect it from further strain.

    Use Other Color-safe Products

    Shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair are the most important. But there are some other products you can use to maintain your perfect shade and your hair’s health. A deep-conditioning treatment can pamper your locks. It will smooth out the strands and give it a boost of moisture for silkier hair. Leave-in treatments are also a good idea, especially if you style with heat tools. A leave-in will also protect your hair from sun damage or other environmental damage. Hot oil treatments can also help maintain your hair’s luster and shine.

    Limit Heat Styling

    You can get a great style using straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers. But these can roughen up hair’s cuticles, dulling your color. As well as protecting your hair with the right products, you should limit the use of these stylers. If you have to use them, turn down the heat as much as possible.

    Avoid Chlorine

    Chlorine can cause some discolor in your hair, especially for those bottle blondes. To keep your color looking its best, you need to protect it from this harsh chemical. One option is to use a swim cap to keep your color out of the water altogether. You can also use a leave-in conditioner or even some coconut oil to create a protective barrier around those strands.

    Best Conditioners for Color Treated Hair on the Market in 2022

    The Best Drugstore Conditioner for Color Treated Hair:  L’Oreal Paris EverPure Repair and Defend Conditioner

    L'Oreal Paris Hair Care Expertise Everpure Repair and Defend Conditioner, 8.5 Fluid Ounce

    This sulfate-free color care conditioner from L’Oreal does exactly what its name suggests. The formula contains an antioxidant complex, which consists of Acai, Goji, and a UV filter. Together, these repair the damage to your hair caused by the coloring process. This complex then protects your hair from daily issues that could destroy your color. The sun, water, and heat styling will no longer be an issue. With this conditioner, your hair will be strong enough to combat anything life throws at it. And your color will resist fading for a longer lasting glow. There are even a shampoo, a mask, and a leave-in treatment for those who prefer to match all their products.


    • It has a great low price, making it a great option for those on a budget
    • This conditioner is 100% vegan
    • It contains no sulfates or parabens
    • This product leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy, with a softer feel
    • It can be used for all hair types


    • It has a unique smell, which may not be suitable for everyone

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    The Best Natural Conditioner for Color Treated Hair:  Maple Holistics Silk 18 Natural Conditioner

    Hair Conditioner for Damaged Dry Hair - Sulfate Free Conditioner for Dry Hair Frizz Control and Hair Shine - Hydrating Conditioner for Curly Hair with Argan Oil and Hair Moisturizer for Dry Hair

    More people are reaching for natural products for their color treated hair. Silk 18 gets its name from the number of silk amino acids used in this Maple Holistics product. These will give your hair a soft, silky feel while restoring its moisture. Jojoba and Argan oils are also included to strengthen your hair and protect it from damage. Botanical keratin reduces frizz for smoother strands that stay where you want them. For the lovely fresh scent, Maple Holistics uses natural vanilla. Best of all, there are no sulfates, fragrances, or synthetic colors in this bottle. This conditioner is also made completely cruelty free.


    • It has a lovely scent
    • This conditioner is made using natural ingredients
    • It contains no sulfates, making it safe for colored hair
    • Silk 18 can be used on thick, curly, coarse, or any other hair type


    • It has a thick consistency, making it hard to squeeze out of the bottle
    • It may be a bit too heavy for those with fine hair
    • It is a bit pricey for a small 8 oz. bottle

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    The Best Deep Conditioner for Color Treated Hair: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment

    3 Minute Miracle Color Conditioning Treatment for Colored Hair 8 fl oz

    Aussie knows everyone has 3 minutes to condition their hair. That’s why they’ve created their 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner. It uses a combination of Sea Kelp, Jojoba Oil, and Australian Aloe to protect your hair from all types of damage. These ingredients also give those colored locks a healthy, vibrant shine. Your colored hair will be 10 times stronger than if you used a non-conditioning shampoo alone. And you only need to use it once a week to get all the healthy benefits. The results: gorgeous hair that looks great, with no fading, and has a light, fresh, citrus scent.


    • It protects your color while deep conditioning your hair
    • It has a nice citrus scent that won’t overpower your nose
    • Your hair will feel softer and smoother after each use
    • This deep conditioner is easy to use and works quickly
    • The price is decent for the size of the bottle


    • The consistency is thin, so long hair may need more than is recommended
    • It doesn’t work very well as a detangler
    • It doesn’t always reduce the frizz in some hair types

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    The Best Conditioner for Red Color Treated Hair: No products found.

    No products found.

    Red coloring tends to fade much faster than other colors, due to the larger color molecules. This Evo Fabuloso conditioner counters this, by infusing your hair with brilliant tones. This boosts your hair color for a more intense look. But that’s not all it does. This product also nourishes your hair, giving it some much-needed moisture. It also repairs any damage caused by the coloring process. There is a smoothing, anti-static effect that keeps those flyaways in place. Your bright, beautiful hair will shine in even the dimmest light. This conditioner also has the benefit of being free of ammonia and peroxide.


    • This conditioner can help you maintain your red hair for longer
    • The infused color won’t wash out even with multiple shampoos
    • You only need to use it a couple times a week, so it should last a while
    • It repairs the damage, giving you softer, more manageable hair


    • It will dye your hands and your tub if you aren’t careful with it
    • Lighter tones may end up with pink coloring
    • This conditioner is quite expensive

    No products found.

    The Best Conditioner for Blonde Color Treated Hair: Davines Alchemic Conditioner, Silver

    Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner, 8.44 Ounce

    Sun exposure, chlorine, and hard water can all affect blonde hair, turning it brassy. And for those who bleach their hair to get that lighter shade, you know the dryness this can cause. Davines silver conditioner takes care of both of these issues. It clears out the yellow tinge in blonde colored hair, giving it back its clarity and even tones. It also protects against further yellowing, so you won’t have to suffer from those ugly hues again. To deal with dryness, this product uses hydrolyzed milk proteins. These give your hair the intense conditioning it needs for softer, silkier hair.


    • It works on all lighter shades, from cool to platinum blonde, as well as gray and white hair
    • It has a pleasant scent that won’t overpower your nose
    • It works well as a detangler and a moisturizer on most hair types
    • This product removes brassy tones caused by the sun, hard water, and other elements
    • You only need to use it a once or twice a week for great results


    • It is quite expensive for such a small tub
    • It may leave some hair types feeling a bit dry

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    The Best Conditioner for Fine Color Treated Hair: ColorProof Super Rich Moisture Shampoo

    Colorproof Colorproof Superrich Moisture Conditioner Purple 8.5 Oz,

    Those with fine hair usually don’t have a problem with moisture. But coloring your hair can strip away those natural oils, leaving you with dry, unruly hair. When this happens, a moisture conditioner may become necessary. This conditioner by ColorProof nourishes every strand, hydrating it without fading your color. It leaves your hair shiny, strong, and touchably soft. This conditioner also uses a lightweight formula, rinsing clean from every strand. This will prevent it from lingering on your fine hair, weighing it down. ColorProof has made it their mission to provide the best protection for colored hair. This conditioner meets these standards, restoring your color’s luster with every use.


    • It works well as a detangler on both straight and curly hair
    • This conditioner has a nice minty scent
    • The light formula rinses clean from fine hair without weighing it down
    • It smooths out frizz, leaving colored hair silky smooth
    • This product gives you salon-quality hair in your own home
    • You only need a small amount each time you condition your colored hair


    • This color-protecting conditioner is very expensive for such a small bottle

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    The Best Conditioner for Curly Colored Hair: Arvazallia Repair Daily Conditioner

    Advanced Hair Repair Daily Hair Conditioner with Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil by Arvazallia for Dry or Damaged Hair

    Curly hair already tends to be drier than other hair types. When you color it, it can wreak havoc on those already weak strands. When you add heat styling or chemical treatments to the mix, you’re left with hair in need of some serious TLC. Arvazallia Repair Daily Conditioner can help restore your hair to its former glory. Using essential vitamins and nutrients, this product hydrates and moisturizes your curls. This conditioner also improves your hair’s texture and elasticity. After every use, your hair will be softer a more manageable, with fewer tangles. What you won’t find in this bottle are sulfates and parabens, making it safe to use on color or keratin treated hair.


    • It is infused with both Argan and Macadamia oil for extra nourishment
    • It is sulfate and paraben free
    • The conditioner has a nice flowery scent
    • It reduces frizz in curly and wavy hair
    • It can be used on natural, curly, or permed hair


    • The bottle is hard to squeeze, making it hard to get the conditioner out
    • The price is a bit high, at almost $15.00 for a 10.56 oz. bottle

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    The Best Conditioner for Dry Color Treated Hair: Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Hydrate Conditioner

    Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner | For Medium to Thick Dry, Color Treated Hair | Sulfate-Free | Vegan

    Dry hair can be troublesome at the best of times. Adding your favorite color to it may look good, but it won’t do it any favors in the moisture department. That’s why Pureology created its hydrating conditioner for colored hair. This formula uses Advanced Hydrating Micro-Emulsion Technology to hydrate your dry hair. This also enhances your color, bringing out its vibrant beauty. Ingredients like soy, oat, and wheat strengthen the hair shaft, repairing any damage. Jojoba, sage, and green tea condition the hair. The mix of ylang-ylang, patchouli, and bergamot give this product its signature scent. This 100% vegan product contains no salts or sulfates that could destroy your hair or its color.


    • This conditioner is sulfate free
    • It contains sunscreens to protect your hair from harmful UV rays
    • This conditioner has a matching shampoo for those who like to pair their products
    • It won’t fade your color and leaves hair silky and smooth


    • Though it is a large 33.8 oz. bottle, it is still quite expensive
    • The scent is a bit strong for some people
    • This conditioner may be too heavy for those with fine or thin hair

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    Best Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Final Thoughts

    I know from experience how good you can feel when you see that perfect shade framing your face. But watching it fade away over time can turn your hair love into hair indifference. Plus, you don’t want to feel like you wasted your time and money on a new color that doesn’t last. Using the right color protecting conditioners can help. They will prevent your new shade from fading before it’s time. These products also nourish your hair, replacing the moisture lost during coloring. Though all of the products we reviewed are great conditioners, there is one that stood out as the best of the group. That one is the L’Oreal Paris EverPure Repair and Defend Conditioner. Like all the others, it helped to prevent fading while promoting hydration. It matched a few others with its vegan formula and its lack of sulfates and parabens. What puts it over the top is the fact that it has a low price and is part of an entire color care collection. These features make this one the best conditioner for color treated hair. 

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