More Than a Drink! 9 Benefits of Distilled Water {Hydrate}

Have you been having issues with dry hair, irritated skin, and upset insides? These issues could have something to do with the water you’re drinking and using to keep clean. This is why many people have switched from normal tap water to distilled water. It can help cleanse your skin and hair on the outside while clearing out the toxins within your body. If you’re interested in what this change can do for you, check out the benefits of distilled water below.

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is basically pure water, free of bacteria, toxins, and chemicals. When you distill water, you imitate the way nature purifies the water all around us. The sun heats the water until it evaporates, then turns it into clouds. When the clouds become heavy enough, it starts to rain. The rain is the pure, distilled water. Of course, pollution in the air taints the rain, ruining the distillation process, so it isn’t safe to drink.

Using a distillation machine is our best option for this type of pure water. To do this at home, you need a steam-distilling machine. You fill the boiler area with water from your tap. Then let the heat do its work. As the water boils, the bacteria and parasites die. Then the water turns to steam, leaving all the impurities behind. The steam condenses, then drips into the waiting bottle. This new liquid is distilled water.

Are There Downsides to Distilled Water?

Distilled water doesn’t contain any dangerous contaminants, due to its boiling method. But it also leaves behind the minerals the water contains. Our bodies actually need some of these minerals and additives. For this reason, some people think drinking distilled water is unsafe. 

Distilled WaterBut this isn’t entirely true. The food you eat will also contain these minerals, so you shouldn’t be lacking them if you have a proper diet. If you drink both distilled water and tap water, this also won’t be a concern. The only way this would affect you negatively is if you are drinking only distilled water during a fast. Your body won’t replace those minerals in this situation, so it’s best to avoid this.

If you only drink distilled water, you may also develop a condition called acidosis. The World Health Organization warns about this issue. They state that it could occur because distilled water lacks minerals and electrolytes. This could alter the levels of sodium, calcium, potassium, and other nutrients in your body. Distilled water also has a pH of 7, while our blood must be at 7.35 – 7.45. To avoid this condition, limit how much distilled water you drink. You can also alternate between distilled and tap water.

Benefits of Distilled Water

#1 – Eczema:

Eczema affects about 3% of children and adults in the United States. Though not life-threatening, this skin condition can plague you for your entire life. The symptoms include itching and an unsightly rash. Eczema can show up on your face, wrists, hands, knees, and many other areas of your body. Those areas will be dry, with thick or scaly patches that can be embarrassing to show. Medical professionals aren’t sure of the cause of this condition. They have figured out some things that can irritate it, though, making it worse.

Hard water is one of those irritants. This could be because of the minerals left on your body. I mean, think of buildup of mineral deposits left on your shower door or coffee pot. This layer is now on your skin. For those with eczema, this causes dryness which increases irritation. To solve the issue, try washing with distilled water. Not only will this reduce the buildup, it can clear out what is already left behind.

#2 – Acne:

If you have acne, you’ve probably tried countless cleansers and astringents to clear it up. But if you don’t figure out the underlying cause, you aren’t really solving the problem. Though oily skin and an unhealthy diet can contribute, hard water may also cause acne. This is because this type of water contains heavy metals and impurities. These can cause a reaction with your natural oils, changing its consistency to a thicker wax. This wax then clogs your pores, leading to more pimples. It could even have the same response to the creams and moisturizers you use on your face.

Another problem with these impurities is that they act like free radicals. These harmful molecules bond with your healthy skin cells. Then they destroy them, breaking down the collagen. This creates fine lines and wrinkles that age you before your time. To reduce acne and other issues, try washing with distilled water instead of tap or bottled water. The purification process filters out the impurities. This leaves the water completely clean. It can then remove the dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving any other harmful toxins behind.

Clear Skin#3 – Cleansing Skin:

When we wash our face with normal tap water, there are chemicals in it that can strip the moisture away. This leaves your skin feeling tight, though it is actually losing its elasticity. Another downside is that the tap water won’t dissolve the impurities in our skin. It doesn’t completely wash away the lather from our cleansing products, either. This leaves a layer of soapy residue on our bodies that can lead to dryness or irritation if not remedied.

Distilled water can reduce this issue. It breaks down the impurities and residue all at the same time. It may seem like a hassle to bathe with distilled water, but you don’t need to use it for the whole process. You can bathe or shower normally and just use the distilled water for a final rinse. For washing your face, all you need is a spray bottle filled with distilled water. Spray your face first. Then add the cleanser to your palm, lathering it up before applying it to your face. Then use the spray bottle to soak your face again, rinsing the cleanser away.

#4 – Hair:

There are a few ways hard water can damage your hair. First, it contains minerals that may react negatively with your shampoo. This could cause buildup on your hair and scalp, similar to what is left behind from sticky hair products. Hard water can also alter your hair’s look and feel, by forcing the scales on each strand to stand up. Your hair looks frizzy and feels rough, both of which make it unmanageable. You can use distilled water to remedy these issues.

As with your skin, you don’t need to use only distilled water for a proper cleaning. You can shampoo your hair with your normal tap water, then condition it as usual. Add the distilled water as a final rinse to ensure all the product and minerals are washed away. You can also make a weekly rinse using apple cider vinegar. It will be mildly acidic, which causes the outer layer of the hair shaft to harden. This flattens out those scales for a smoother, shinier appearance. Mix 1 cup of distilled water and 2 tablespoons of ACV. Spray it on and massage it in, focusing on the ends. After a few minutes, use plain distilled water to rinse it clean.

#5 – Detoxifying the Body:

Minerals come in two different forms, organic and inorganic. Organic minerals are living ones, found in healthy foods. These include fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds, and grains. Our bodies absorb these organic minerals, using them for growth and maintenance. These minerals are essential to our health, and without them, we would suffer. Inorganic minerals are the second type, and these ones can cause harm. Our bodies have no use for them, but they can still build up inside of us. This buildup can happen in vital organs, like the kidneys, liver, or the intestines. Long-term exposure to these minerals may even create carcinogens in your tissue. This could eventually lead to cancer.

Distilled water has the ability to flush away these harmful inorganic minerals. And despite what many believe, it won’t’ take the healthy organic ones with them on the way. The organic ones are perfectly safe, doing their job inside us. The distilled water grabs onto the inorganic ones that are floating around instead. Then, when we urinate, it removes them from our system before they can do any damage.

#6 – No Chlorine:

Another of the health benefits of drinking distilled water is the lack of chlorine. This chemical is added to the majority of water sources, including those we drink. The purpose is to kill off waterborne diseases that could harm us. But chlorine fails in this regard since it can’t kill off a number of parasites that can harm us. Chlorine also oxidizes lipid contaminants in water, creating free radicals and oxysterols. Though our bodies need small amounts of these, too much can damage arteries or cause cancer. Another downside of chlorine is that it destroys acidophilus. This substance protects, nourishes, and works with the organisms that line our colons.

Chlorine has even been proven to cause miscarriages in pregnant women. And you thought the burning eyes in a chlorinated swimming pool was bad! Water distillation filters out the chlorine that has been added to our water. It leaves it pure and clean, so it much safer on our bodies, both inside and out.

Healthy Smile#7 – No Flouride

When you think of fluoride, you probably picture dentists and toothpaste. The American Dental Association claims it is necessary for healthy teeth. But fluoride is also added to our water, even though there is no data that says it reduces tooth decay. In fact, this substance is actually found to be toxic, not only when ingested, but when inhaled or touched. Some possible issues from this could include osteoarthritis, birth defects, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Despite these harmful effects, many areas still have fluoridated water. This comes into your house through your taps, where you use it to cook, clean, and bathe. Even the beverages you purchase in stores, including bottled water, likely contain fluoride. If your area still uses fluoridation, you won’t be able to avoid it completely. But you can limit your exposure by drinking only distilled water. This water treatment filters out this chemical, leaving you with quality, pure water. And you can use distilled water for anything, from making soup to cleaning your house and body.

#8 – Waterborne Diseases:

As bad as the chemicals in water can be, there is nothing worse than waterborne contaminants. These diseases can be introduced to our water supply naturally. Flooding or drought can impact our water supplies, which we have no control over. But people also contaminate our own water. Pollution and sewage dumped into our drinking water can lead to this contamination. And even treating our water with chemicals meant to cleanse it may not get rid of all these diseases. Drinking contaminated water can lead to Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, and other serious illnesses.

To reduce the chances of ingesting any of these harmful bacteria, it is best to distill our water. This process of water purification removes the waterborne diseases. The boiling process kills off the bacteria or leaves it behind when the water evaporates. It also doesn’t add more chemicals the way treating water with chlorine will, making it safe to drink. This water is also safer to use for any other activity. This will keep you from spreading the contamination throughout your home.

Healthy Weight#9 – Weight Loss: 

Drinking any type of water can help benefit you when you`re trying to lose weight. It does this in a few different ways. We often mistake hunger for thirst, so we grab a snack instead of a beverage. If we are hydrated, we don`t suffer as much from these uncertain cravings, reducing our trips to the kitchen. Another way increasing our water consumption helps is by reducing our caloric intake. Of course, this means we have to replace those sugary juices and sodas with the water. Adding water in between won`t have the same effect so cut out the sweet drinks.

Water flushes out the toxins when we sweat or urinate. It also lubricates the joints and protects our spinal cord from injury. Water even regulates our bowel movements, which also helps keep your weight down. But using distilled water to keep you hydrated and healthy takes it a bit further. This type of water purification removes the unhealthy minerals, chemicals, and contaminants. This gives you pure clean water to cleanse and hydrate your body.

Distilled Water Final Thoughts

Water is essential for our health but not all water is equal. Tap water can contain unhealthy minerals, chemicals, and contaminants that could harm us. Distilled water is a much safer option, no matter how it`s used. Using distilled water for drinking and cleansing ourselves, we promote a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for more hair care articles check out our hair care buyer’s guides.