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Baby Its Getting Cold Outside! 13 Winter Skin Care Tips {Soft}

The cold winter temperatures can be harsh on your skin. This combined with the dry air from indoor heating systems can create itchy, flaky skin. Though this may seem like something you’re forced to endure every year, there are many ways to keep dry skin at bay. Any of the following tips can help reduce […]

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Why You Shouldn't Freak out Over Postpartum Hair Loss

Stop! Don’t Freak Out Over Postpartum Hair Loss {What Happening?}

If you’ve given birth, you’ve probably dealt with increased hair loss within a few months of the baby’s arrival. This may be frightening at first, but don’t freak out about your postpartum shedding. It is a normal part of pregnancy, and though it can’t be stopped, there are ways to keep your hair looking lush […]

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Jojoba Oil Uses

From Acne To Mosquitos! 28 Awesome Jojoba Oil Uses {Easy To Use}

If you’re like me, you have a cupboard full of moisturizers, cleansers and other beauty products. Each of these products only meets one or two needs and usually cost more than they’re worth. In my search for a cheaper option that meets a variety of my beauty needs, I’ve come across an amazing product. What […]

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Shh! 7 Quietest Hair Driers 2017 {Style Doesn’t Have To Be Loud}

Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation while blow drying your hair? It’s almost impossible, due to the high pitched scream coming from the blower. It may seem like you need to ignore everyone around you until your hair is perfectly styled, but this is not the case. All you need to do […]

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How to Get Rid of Static Hair

Hair Everywhere? 12 Ways To Get Rid Of Static Hair {Charged Up}

There’s nothing worse in winter than dry air reducing your hair to an electrically charged mess. But let’s face it: the options available on how to get rid of static hair seem limited. I’ve spent many years combating this issue and have found a few solutions, some of which are a little strange. But when […]

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