Apivita Balancing Shampoo Review

This is an [amazon link=”B00AAVXS62″ title=”Apivita Balancing Shampoo Review” /]. This shampoo is balancing, natural shampoo designed for very oily hair. It is marketed as a product that strips the hair of all grease and oil without over drying the roots. It is also designed to preserve scalp health. The Apivita Balancing Shampoo contains these important ingredients:

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  • Peppermint
  • Propolis
  • Thyme
  • Nettle
  • Natural Lipoaminoacid (an ingredient that help reduce sebum build up)

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The positives

First thing I noticed was how little shampoo I needed to wash my hair. The shampoo smells wonderful with that peppermint, fresh scent. This shampoo uses a bio cotton protection system which helped strengthen my hair. Since using my hair has felt much stronger. One thing I love about this shampoo is how light it is. I can use such a small amount and my hair will be left looking bouncy and lustrous. I managed to go two days without washing my hair since using this product. Which is an absolute life saver. It’s a joy having grease free hair for a change. The product comes in a 250ml/8.5oz bottle which will last for a long time.

The negatives

There are no negatives to using this shampoo. It’s a joy to use.

Final Thoughts

I’ve ran out of superlatives for this [amazon link=”B00AAVXS62″ title=”Apivita Balancing Shampoo” /]. It’s an efficient shampoo that’s designed for very oily hair types and it does just that. It leaves my hair looking healthy, bouncy and fresh after just one wash. My colleagues haven’t stopped complimenting me on how clean my hair has looked since – they’ve all picked up a bottle! Only a small amount is needed so this bottle will last for a long time.

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