OilyHairGuide.com was set up by a group of people in dire need of change. It all started by having the terrible daily experience of oily, greasy hair. Confidence was low. Self-esteem issues were developed because of this oily mess. Change was needed.

We started by purchasing shampoo and treatment products marketed towards oily haired folks. Some of these products were bad, some were great. It then came about, the ultimate reviewing tool was right under our nose. We were to start reviewing these shampoo’s and treatment to help everyone else out there.

It is no longer necessary to ponder over future products or “should I buy this..”. OilyHairGuide.com has fixed that for you. By reading our reviews and helpful advice, your nightmares are a short fix away. We are not paid by the product companies to review these products, we do it because we know the feeling of oily hair. Washing your hair in the morning, then looking in the mirror 6 hours later to a swampy mess is no longer the case. Enjoy our reads and look forward to your grease free hair.